A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Of short getaway and underwater

oh boy oh boy oh boyyyy... i'm so so sorry for leaving this space unattended for a whole month!

I have been so caught up with training, work and caring for my new pool of talents, for those who don't already know. I'm still with Nuffnang, I have 17 talents bloggers under my care now and i want to make sure i do my best for each and everyone of them!

Well, just a month back, i told the bf i needed a short getaway cause work has seriously been so hectic, i can barely breath, being strangled every single day is not fun and we have 2 new team members, being the oldest one in the team.. i have got tons of information to pass down, not to say i'm damn good at what I do but me and Jack is the only person who knows how the talent and comm team function and to be very very honest i'm not a teacher material. I get annoyed super easily when people ask me very common question, it's quite basic things so if you ask me, i really just feel like slapping that person. I'm so so sorry for being so impatience but i can't help it! I get easily distracted when people stop me from my work halfway.

Anyway, long story short. I will be posting my Penang pictures here :)

It was a damn impromptu trip. On Friday we left for Penang but on Wednesday only we decided where to go, booked the hotel from Expedia right away. Stayed at Bayview Resort and Spa at Batu Feringgi, its the last hotel along Batu Feringgi. A long drive to city centre but every penny and time spent driving up and down is worth it cause the hotel was awesome! Our hotel room was spacious! It could easily fit a family of 5 − 6 but of course it was only me and Eric this trip. :)

Okay la, to be honest my main concern is the pool la, so here it is. The beautiful pool i was promised at the price of RM700+ for 3 days 2 nights.

Didn't managed to capture the baby play pool area. It was stunning la with colorful slides and all, secretly wish I was a kid all over again. hahah

Not forgetting, Bayview is directly by the beach, so there is like an entrance that leads to the beach la. Managed to capture a few picture by the beach.

So fat!  

Back to the pool! Played with my sister's water camera, the Panasonic Lumix FT3 which allows you to capture great images underwater.

But before the underwater shots, here are some paparazzi shots I secretly took. HAHAH wtf i can pass of as a spy d la. HAHAH

Ex national swimmer who is shy to wear a swim trunk. wtf~ He got no swimming pool etiquette one lo.. where can wear shorts in!!!! no wonder pool gets dirty la cause of inconsiderate ppl like him. hahah

Insisted that he posted this pico IG but he said he paiseh.. it's a candid shot btw coz i pushed him into the pool!

F my leg hair, i'm in need of IPL sessions but it's too expensive! So troublesome to be hairy!

Found gold beneath!

Here are what I forced Eric to take. HAHAH many many fails attempt but got a few great one!

errrr keno make it, too fat! lololololololol

To repay his good deed, i told him i will help him take la.. see what he did when i wanted to snap him:

He wants to tell the world that i bullied him by forcing him to help me take pics lo! =.=""""

All in all, it was definitely a great holiday! Will update the videos of our bubble rings in the next postings. It's getting a bit lengthy with pics here and i haven even posted up any food pictures. haha

Have a great day ahead everyone!

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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