A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Makan Eat Makan Eat @ Penang

From the title, you will definitely know that this post would be all about the food!

Not just any kind of food, food that can only be found in Penang.. hahah! Okay, it's a half lie la, you can find this type of food in Selangor also la, just that the one I will be mentioning is specifically made/cooked in Penang :P

Follow up from my previous post which only speaks of our swimming adventures, this will only be on food!

First stop when we arrived at Penang is Lorong Selamat for its infamous Char Kuey Teow.

Slapped on some Laneige BB Cushion, blusher and ready to roll. HAHA and the boy below knew I was talking pic, damn pattern liao liao.

To be very honest, this RM12 per plate CKT is definitely not the best I have had. According to Laura, this is still the best in Penang. WHYYY??? Not good but still very crowded eh. I parked quite a distance to avoid disappointment la. Parked at another lorong, luckily no saman. :P

I like my Kuey Teow to be a bit charred, the best one is still at Port Klang, right opposite of Klinik Sheila near Port Klang KFC. :P

About a KM away, Laura introduced me to Anba Coconut! The best to cool down the body on a sibeh hot day! Lucky us manage to secure a parking right in front of Anba. :)

Apa you may pun ada:
Milkshake, coconut jelly, young coconut, fleshy coconut, you name it la they sure ada. :)

Mountain people coconut, mountain sea coconut.

See, pattern again lo this fella!

We ordered the coconut jelly, each at RM4.50!

Right beside Anba Coconut, is this antic furniture shop, the deco on the outside is beautiful, Had to stopped to capture a picture! :)

Just across the road, we came across a few street art, fantastic work la! How can people be so artistic? My painting/drawing/decorating skills are non-existence. HAHAH

After we took exploring the street right across of Anba Coconut, we headed straight to our hotel. What we did at the hotel? Can be found in my previous post.

At about 6PM+, we left the hotel to get to Gurney Drive, who doesn't go to Gurney when they are in Penang! Best place to hunt for good food, still early yet there were so many people chop-ping for seats already.

I had hokkien had mee also, forgot to take pic! BF called me a pig for eating so much! WHUT?!?! Penang le, don't wan to eat meh!


Next day, woke at abt 11AM, laze around by fixing lego and what not then only left hotel to ayer item for ASSAM LAKSA!

No seat, had to share with this couple. *krik krik krik*

and ta-dahh~

Look at this bowl of goody, so soup so thick! Back in the day, I never dared to touch Assam Laksa afraid that it might be too spicy and also looking at how i much i hated sardine and onions and cucumber, i just never bothered trying.

Out of no where, one day i just decided to taste it la and that day was one of the best day of my life. wtf wtf~

Pasar Air Itam,
Jalan Pasar,
11500 Air Itam,
Pulau Pinang
Business Hours: Opens daily from 11am - 8pm


Next stop right after assam laksa is lot mee, we were just browsing through the net and came across MissTamChiak blog, so i told Eric, this one need to try la, i scared i regret if i don't! But, i regretted going. HAHAH

It's too starchy and the yellow noodle smell too strong but it's cheap though, RM3.50 for a medium bowl and it come with chicken feet, Eric gave me his share of chicken feet! love em~

#BrowGameStrong wtf

After that bowl of loh mee, i full until bet kia lor (cannot walk) already! but this fatty needed his dessert and you know where to find the best place for dessert!

Address: 336-G1 Lintang Slim, off Jalan Perak
Opening Hours: 7am – 4pm. Closed on Thursdays.


Personally ain't a fan of cendul, more of a ice kacang kinda girl. We arrive ar about 3PM++, the queue wasn't that bad yet but, Eric was probably 4 customer away from his order, right after we arrived, the queue pilled up all the way to the main street. Siao eh, weather was pretty hot, people were queuing up with their umbrella just to grab a bowl of cendul, this shows how good it is la hor!

So colorful and sweet!! I LIKEEEE

Can hardly breath after that, what more walk! HAHA

Could hardly breath, what more walk?! HAHAH. Eric some more bought Apam Balik after cendul! 


Address: Lebuh Keng Kwee, off Penang Road
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 10.30am – 7pm; Sat & Sun 10am – 7.30pm

After that, went back to the hotel already to swim again! :P *needa exercise after taking in more than what i should a day*

Dinner was a little more fancy!


This trip was supposed to our 4th anniversary trip + an escape from work and we were also quite lazy to drive out of Batu Ferringgi already so we decided to tryout The Ship since none of us had it in KL before. 

Worst steak ever! I'm so sorry The Ship, people claimed that you guys used to serve the best steak in town but not anymore now! *disappointed*

Started: Escargot, cannot beat the one I had with Wai Cheong and Hakim at Kim Kee, Ampang! The escargot there! *drools*

This one, not bad la but cannot beat Kim Kee's!


As a huge fan of steak personally! This is horrible! I want to cry! Don't go The Ship, that wud be my advise. =((((

Calling it the night now!

3rd day was just ordinary breakfast at Nibong before we used the new bridge to get home. :)

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. Have you try the CKT opposite the girls' school? Taman Emas Kopitiam at Jalan Gottlieb. Also very famous ah.

    And then, the assam laksa at ayer itam, you can get that in Klang now. Got this shop called Angcle Peoh. Related one they all.

    Next time u go penang, must try their mini egg tarts at Carnavon Street. Very nice wan!

    Okay lah. Stop spamming you dy. Bye.

    1. OMG OMG!!!!! wah.. thanks for all the tips Merryn! I will deafly check out the Assam Laksa in Klang one soonnnn! haha :)