A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 11 June 2015

How to achieve Selfie ready Hair?

Went for two back to back event yesterday (11th June) yesterday, so super exhausted but it still better than staying in the office la.

Came back to the office today and I have 100+ emails to clear, started picking things up at 9.30AM but its 2.30PM now, i still haven finish everything yet and I still have other work to work on still. sigh! So much thing being place on me seriously! But here I'm taking a break from emails to just update what took place yesterday.

Yesterday was the Sunsilk Biggest Selfie Movie Premiere, event was hosted at TGV 1 Utama.

Me and Careen arrived at 8.45AM for some briefing and dry run.

Careen paying full attention while I'm just there half awake trying to capture a nice picture under bad lighting!

Dry run before the event starts.

Here are some of the decors placed at the registration counter. Apologies on the dark images, lightning was horrendous.

Those candles are fake but it looks do damn real!

So pinkish! on stage are winners of the Casio selfie camera. Envious max, the camera cost RM3,000 per unit and it makes you instantly beautiful la. Lotsa selfie queens are using that nowadays. haha

Ask my sister to join the contest but i bet she took for granted so yea, too bad.

Anyway, Sunsilk smooth and manageable is the way to a selfie ready hair if you are asking. Everyone knows how good hair is very very important for a girl. Bad hair day = bad selfies!

There were workshop on how to capture a nice selfie by Preston Lin, he mentioned that he actually takes 50 - 100 selfies a day. Impressive, as a girl, I dont even do that, what more a guy? lol

Wefie with a whole bunch. Trying to fit 50 ppl or more in a wefie is no easy job yo!

Oh look, which superstar i met! HAHAH. Actually, i informed them about the event 1 la. cis,

Jessica and Daphne was the Superstar who got featured in the Selfie movie and Careen of course is our emcee of the day. She is so good at what she does. If it was me in front of a bunch of people, I would be stammering already!

Ending our session with a Nuffnang team wefie! <3

Best events are those that serve food! HAHAHAHAH.

Careen said these are no refreshment man, this is like a proper lunch. INDEED! love it.. cheapo like me trying to save money. AHAHHA.. only featuring what i find appetizing la

Dragon fruit jelly shots. Had 3 of this!

Meatballs, who wouldnt like?

These mini donuts are so cute! Definitely caught my attention.

2nd best thing of an event is the goody bags. Thank you Sunsilk Malaysia for being so generous with your goody bags! 2 - 3 months supply of shampoos and conditioner kao tim!

and, because it's a selfie related campaign! Sunsilk gave all attendees a box of Selfie kit - mini lens and of course the selfie stick, it looks damn professional. ahhh.. forgot to capture what's inside. hahaha

Before I end this post, would also like to drop a shout out to Jessica Chaw, my talent for treating me with such cute treats from Japan. I'm in love with these packaging la.. Told her, i really don't feel like opening these up cause its too cute to be ruined! OMG la, how can Japanese sell such cute stuff!!!!!!

Japanese curry!

She knows i love Pocky, bought me special edition Pocky, how you expect me to eat le!!! lol

Ending the post here.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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