A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 8 June 2015

The Day I Graduated Officially!

30th May 2015!

One of my milestone. The day I'm quite sure all parents look forward to. The day a burden is lifted off my shoulder! The day I finally graduated for real! HAHAH

I actually completed my course last year August but cause the internship result didn''t manage come out on time, we were not able to graduate in November, thus the May ceremony! After almost a whole year of waiting, a whole year of working.

Anyway, i learnt that what I have studied and learn in Uni does not apply in the real world. kthxbai!

Maybe the inter and interpersonal skills apply when you interact with people but other than that, nothing. haha

Doesn't matter la, what important is the cert at the end of the day, the cert is the one which would help secure me a job and proper income. =P

Told the bf that I wanna continue studying my Masters next year and he is all up for him, he said : "go lo if you really want to do it, I pay for you".. that is his exact word! Don't back you man! HAHAH

Well, lets have the picture do more talking la!

Flowers and bear from Eric, mummy and uncle Boh Leng! <3

Thank god for black glue liner! Its supposed to be glue for fake lashes but my eyelids are too oily for normal eyeliner so i had no choice but to apply glue on my lids. haha

Stayed on the whole damn day man, should totally do a review on this!

To the 2nd man i love after my daddy of course! Thank you for your constant support, we started dating a few days before i started my 1st semester and i'm so glad that you could see me through my tertiary edu!
Thank you for tolerating with my bullshit always. I love you bi!

My family, missing my elder sis! and of course I had to call my ah ma along, I always want to make sure that she is a part of my life, I know I seldom take time out to find her and she is growing older day by day. I should spend more quality weekends with her!

Mummy dearest being a wannabe graduate! HAHAH wearing my mortar board don't know for what. haha.

Was a very very hot day but i'm glad my family is with me in this!

My bitch sister! HAHAHAH love her no matter what she says to me or how she always argue with me. Just want to make sure she is safe always. <3

and here comes pictures of me and my crazy bunch of girls! They are the best thing that has happened to me! Felt so super duper grateful to be able to befriend them. Never want to lose this friendship
Left to right: Mel, Jacinda, me and Yen! 

and here I have the longest bunch of friends that stick around! My high school mates.

Left to right: Jasmine, me, Yan Teng (graduated same day as me), Ching and Yien Wee.

Thank you for being presence, it means a lot to me and Teng! :)

We see each other grow, we fought, we betrayed, we argued, we dislike but at the end of the day, we still sticked around and thank you for that!

Uncle Boh Leng! This uncle of mine see me growing up, I started swimming at the age of 8 and till today he has been nothing but a great joy in me and my family's life! Thank you Uncle Boh Leng for being there and for helping me to capture the best moments in my life! <3

Well, more pictures of my batch mates! the coolest bunch i have known! Uni days would not have been that fun if it wasn't for them.

Well, what can i say! we do the silliest things together. All will be stored as a memory in my heart. would love to one day sit down and speak all about it again, maybe in 10 - 20 years down the road.

Not all of us but i'm glad that we managed to grab a group shot!

That's all folks!

Drafted this post like a week ago but never got down to finishing it. HAHAH

Well, finally it's done!

p.s: love my denim heels from Charles and Keith, made my leg look so slim man! HAHAH WTF

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. Congratulationssss! :D So impressed with your jump shots. Can't believe you girls jumped in your heels.

    1. hehehe…i actually removed my heels before jumping but the girls was telling me.. no sam.. so ugly.. haha Thanks a lot Jess <3

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