A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Swim Like A Mermaid

One of my major backlog again.

Haven had the time to update my blog again, i guess it's gonna be a common occurrence la.

Just got home from 2 back to back event, 1st one being a Don't Text and Drive campaign organized by Sunway University. Being a talent manager, I follower Audrey, Bobo and Careen to deliver their insights on don't text and drive which everyone is guilty of la. Don't try to deny that you do not text and drive k.. no one is going to believe you. I'm personally guilty of that crime, so far lucky me *touchwood* haven got into any trouble, but after some reminder, i think i should avoid texting while driving la honestly. Like Bobo mentioned, if it is urgent then that person will call you instead of text you! A text can wait, we only have one life to spare. So, drive safely people.

Anyway, back to my main topic. Went for another mermaid show 3 weeks back at Bangsar. Yeap, Bangsar where all the rich people stay, this one no exception la. The two owner of We Love Asia, Bryan and Nic celebrated their birthday. The house is 4 storey tall, has a lift it in, a swimming pool and a magnificent view overlooking the city!

Here, look! A picture on the highest floor, which is also the main entrance floor. haha

Here with me, the ever so beautiful Agnes! No doubt a true beauty in and out. She is a true believer of her own religion, practices it well also! A pleasure to befriend her.

Living the life! Mini private cinema, eight seater! OMG, imagine I have this la! I will always invite my frens over for movie night man! hahah

Took a picture before we were release into our habitat, the swimming pool! HAHAH

sorry, not sorry.. eyes close! but the color of the pic too nice to not post! No filter for all the pictures posted for this blogpost!

Ending the blogpost with some tail flipping! :)

I love this job of mine seriously! I have seen/experience so much and met so many people throughout my journey as a mermaid.

Can't wait for more! Thank you Dolpin Lee. :D

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. I need to see u in your mermaid outfit in real life la! Looks soooooooo cool ;)

    1. heheh.. i will let you know if its a public event then you can bring Daniel and Chloe too.. hehehe :)))