A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Ride with Mr Grey


The title was just to entice you into clicking on the link. Mr Grey wasn't in the picture! 

This blogpost is fresh from the oven, one of my bucket list being ticked off all thanks to BoboStephanie! <3 I''m currently managing her as a talent manager.
So glad to be managing so many nice nice niceeee bloggers! Bobo and Yen, 2 bloggers i talk to very often and they are super duper chin cai.. like both of them a lot a lot!

So, what was the wish being ticked off that I mentioned? Well, take a look below:

A helicopter ride around KL and PJ this morning! Thank you P1 for making our wishes come through, it's supposed to be Bo's wish la but i tumpang on her wish. So buay paiseh hor.. hehe! :P

It's not everyday you get to fly in a copter, might as well selfie in it. HAHAH! my sis is gonna kill me for stealing her sweatshirt when she sees this. haha

Thank you Jason for bringing in this campaign and also thank you Bo for letting me ride on your wish.. heheheh.. #thickface #buaypaiseh #siaopo

All strapped in and ready to fly up up and away to Neverland! Thank you Captain Boon for accommodating us and also taking great care of us.

Me and Jo (Bo's husband) sat behind. The view was no joke la.. Could practically see every single thing from on top.

Captain Boon was smart enough to not fly very very high so we could capture and see lotsa familiar buildings/things.

I saw Orange office at Heritage House, the stickman's house! hehe

Just took off from the ground :)

The kind of view that greeted us throughout the 30 mins ride. :)

Bo's doing her thang as a blogger! :D

Just right beside KL Tower and KLCC.. so grateful to experience all this honestly! Who would have thought that this kind of experience would fall upon me. So so so happy!

Selfie with KLCC.. hahahahah!

Excuse my chubby face! not sure i put on weight or its just water retention. hahah

Look at those fluffy cloud! Managed to capture this when the copter tilt to one side.

And when it tilt another side, i took this shot! 

 Got cert 1 le for just being in a copter. HAHAH.

Us with Captain Boon!

Not forgetting, a pic of Redbull's ermm, i don't think this is call a copter la.. it's just one seater.

Ending this post here.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. Gosh this is so cool! Was it scary tho?

  2. Nope, not scary at all.. was fun.. hahah.. but if you have motion sickness, wud be a bit of a prob coz very bumpy the ride. hhhaha