A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Doing the tourist thingy on Eric's 23rd B'day


Here for a short update, can't believe i update two days in a role le. Since the pics are in already, might as well aight?

TBH, my blog got no standard one la. I usually just simply snap pictures and then upload them on my blog without any sort of filters. That's how lazy I'm but, I'm updating for the sake of keeping all these memories stored in one place so in years to come, I will remember what I did 10 years ago. :)

Anyway, there be tons of fishes pictures in this post. Eric, Jacky and I decided to drop by Aquaria KLCC for god knows what la. Jacky is obsess with his new found hobby, diving, so we walked from Pavillion all the way to KLCC just for Aquaria to only discover that it isn't really that great but the queue to enter is pretty long. To think that people would spend RM40 just to see fishes. lol

Anyways, here we go, a tour of what caught my attention.

1st stop, the human eating fish, piranhas, to further emphasize how scary these fishes are, they place sculls in the tank. 

Baby Sharks

Morale eel, electrify your ass

Tiny worms that sticks out from sands. *i'm sorry but idk names for all these sea creatures* lol

This one poisonous one! Play game also got one, so that's why I know. LOL.. omg, i sound like a total loser now!

hah~ caught you there, bet you didn't see a spider-like creature there right. wtf

My fav, the seahorse. I think I should really tattoo like a dolphin and a seahorse on my body. These creatures are so magical. Love em~

Caught this in the vertical tank. So many of them inside.

I wouldn't want to imagine dropping inside this tank la. Those fishes looks humongous.. wonder if they consume fish food or human meat. wtf

It's definitely bigger than me, pic cannot justify how huge this damn fish is!

Here comes sharks pictures :)

DAMN GELI looking at stuff like this! I got goosebumps all over just looking at this picture. I'm not sure how people can rare this thing at home?!

HAHA! something pleasant to the eyes.

After all the walking and sight seeing, was time for El Cerdo. Decided to treat the bday boy to dinner and he prefers pork over steaks. So, El Cerdo it is. wanted to try this last year but we went there too late and they were closed already, finally back this round. :) yayyy~

Chef's choice. Ribs with Guinness,. <3

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. that last pig picture....omg

  2. HAHAHAH. ya! damn geli hor.. but damn nice la the siew you!