A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 17 May 2015


I have been so so so busy lately till the point where I had to neglect my blog for a bit, after working in a social media company, I realize how important it is to pin down your experience and anything worth remembering in the near future. I should have started this long ago but always hated writing, even if i did start jotting down on my blog, it would only be for a while. HAHAHAH.. no determination! 

Just last week, we had a long weekend. Friday being labour day, and Monday being Wesak Day.. This great opportunity came in just the right time! My swim boss received a job from a production company which require us to be stuntmen/stuntwomen for the actual actors and actress in the movie that is being shot in Pulau Ketam. 

All houses in Pulau Ketam are basically made of lotsa woods, got concrete of course but woods is the main structure la to hold the building.

Here you can see are examples of how houses in Pulau Ketam looks like. They have small tiny gates and doors are always open fyi, they are never afraid of thieves or robberies cause there really isn't anything to be stolen there.

This was the house that the production team rented for us for the 3 nights there.

Just right outside of the house is where the fishermen park their car, no, i mean BOAT. lol

Beside the house that we were staying is a purple house. HAHAH how cute!

Main door, never lock.

Small gate to guard the house? err.. LOL

A stretch of wooden houses at Japan Satu, Pulau Ketam only got 3 Jalan and this is the main road. LOL..

Grocery shops.

and of course, majority of the people in Ketam are Buddhist/Chinese. to be honest i saw like less than 5 malays and no indians. LOL. Got moe la i think but never come across. haha

One of the most famous shophouse that sells all the sea stuff.. dried fish la and lots la, which i don't really care cause i'm not an aunty yet.

1st day breakfast was at this 'ow joan' place, fried egg with oyster.

So good~

and of course, the very famous fried ice cream! My sis had like a total of 5 le just staying there for 3 nights nie. it's no doubt good la but pricey le.. RM2.70 for one.

The today OOTD i managed to capture for my whole trip that also, looks like my leg is breaking. LOL

DINNET TAIME! waiting the whole day for the boys coz they went out for shooting, the girls didn't have any scene the 1st day. yayy but Pulau Ketam is fucking boring honestly, i didn't know wat to do at all. Thank god, I downloaded some korean dramas and place them in my phone before going over or not i would be bored to death!

To be honest, nothing fancy la their food. IT WAS DAMN EXPENSIVE AND THE STANDARD WASN'T UP TO PAR LA!

I wouldn't go back anytime soon la. I'm sorry for the truth Ketam-ian.

But, this below is some good shit! Local Nasi Lemak. I will totally go back to Ketam just for their Ketam Nasi Lemak, the chill flakes is damn good and for someone who doesn't really eat spicy, i like this surprisingly. haha

Day 2, was our day to shoot! Here is how make up is being done la.

We have Alvin Choong in brown shirt, Jack Lim in Blue strips shirt, Jeff in light blue shirt and Juztin Lan in black and white strips shirt.

On our way out to the dirty sea. YESH DAMN DIRTY OKAY!

I don't know wat they did to my hair la, look damn ugly but no choice coz they had to put a wig on me. LOL

Waiting to be shot these people, seriously the waiting time is fucking tiring la. It's more tiring then shooting.

Shots we took while waiting

Look at how Poofy my hair is la! ahahah.. they placed a wig on me so that I could look like:

 Gan Mei Yan, she so pretty la. How to look like her. HAHAHH

Sabrina acting as a pregnant lady. LOL Thank god it wasn't me la.

This was how the scene was shot la, from quite a distance. we just had to jump into the water, that's all! So so simple, only hinder is the dirty water. FOL!

We got it done in one shot. LOL very very simple.

Day 2 shooting was super quick. It was done within half a day and we got to go back to mainland of Ketam. yayyy.. the actors and actress had to continue shooting till 8PM. FTL.

What we did after washing up and have lunch

We went fishing!! was my fish time.

That's all for now. There is a Day 4 shooting but I will leave that for another day. haha

Haven gotten the pictures yet.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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