A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Nuffnang 8th Birthday :)

After more than a week #Nuffang8irthday passed, finally had time to sit down and blogged about the event that I spearheaded. It was really quite a stressful period for us all, had to overlook the whole thing basically but I had a lot a lot of help from my dear colleagues.

This party was to official launch the Bloggerati programme, making it public and also to celebrate Nuffnang 8th anniversary and also to introduce our bloggers to the work processes in Nuffnang. 3 in 1 kinda event! How did we do it? Continue reading

A day before the event, everyone was practical rushing to clear of all the last min paperwork and also getting ready for the dry run. :)

Only managed to grab one pic pre event. Was too busy rushing here n there to make sure that everything is in order.

Going to briefly skim through the place before the crowd comes in.

The interns (Melissa and Chingmun and Jou Ee, so far my fav bunch) helped out damn farking a lot! Love them so so much! They magically made the place from a club into a how do i even describe it! You shall see it for yourself.

This thing over here is the #ZoukKL main room speaker! They made it into a Tiffany's box! So damn gorgeous and creative!

An overview of the stage area. Thank you design team for the gorgeous design for our backdrop! and those high tables were al covered with cloths and they even prepared like flowers and cup and pearls to be place as a deco on each tables! OMG!!! so much effort put into it!

Pom poms hang on top~ Everything is handmade la, that is all I can say! <3

We had Milk Cow as official ice cream sponsor as the day! woohoo! Party with class, which party bring you soft serve ice huh? Only at #Nuffnang8irthday really!

Thank you #MilkCowMY for the big portion of ice creams and also spoiling us with so many choices of toppings, not forgetting the mini honey jar that came in the goody bag! <3

You can even place like macaroons in yours ice cream! Love the velvet flavor la! kept munching on macaroons on that day! I think i had about a total of 5 − 6 macaroons on that day itself! Sweetness overload man!

and of course, choice of syrups and what not!

IN CUTE BABY BOTTLES! oh Milk Cow, how I love you even more!

Next up, we have Foret Blanc as our official cake/desserts sponsor! and again, spoilt with so many choices i tell you! This partners of ours gave us the best of the best la! look at those gorgeous mini eclairs with designs on it <3 #ForetBlanc

and the highlight of the day….

THE 3 TIER CAKE with Swarovski elements, mind you! Sorry for not having a close up pic of the cake! I was just snapping away all this pics. LOL

and boss Timothy Tiah giving his opening speech :) 

arm, buff upper body can't be bothered! What to do? All swimmers also like that le! Structure of the body will not change anymore. :(

Here with my 20 years buddy! and Alisha (Willis's gf) :)

With Wai Cheong Wai Cheong! :) This bugger speaks like a black dude man or maybe he is one after all, idk?

With Wai Cheong, Laura and Adrian (me team lead <3)

With Saimatkong! yayyy, finally got to meet him in person le! Always communicated through whatsapp and finally got to see him. Thanks for dropping by Tian Leong!

Oh, he was actually outside trying to grab a nice pic of his Milk Cow Ice Cream and I demanded for a pic. HAHAHAH!

And me, posing with my bottle of Strongbow. Cider over beer hands down!

With Matt Chang, the guy who partly made this event happened, the person we were in contact with for the venue. or official venue sponsor ZOUK KL! #ZoukKL #ZoukKLGoesBig 

He helped us out so so much, don't even know how to say thank you! :)

Not forgetting, thank you #FotoboxMalaysia for giving us the best pictures to be taken home :)

The rest are all familiar faces in the blogging scene. Here we go~

My favorite girl! Jessica Chaw

BoboStephanie <3 So pretts, she won the best dressed female on event day won herself RM400 Pedro vouchers! #PedroShoes_Official

She told me she still have to fork out money after spending the RM400. LOLOLOL

Boss Tim :)

To our beautiful emcee, Careen Tan, she look stunning, her dress is from Rent A Dress #RADKL. Check out their official website for more beautiful dresses! :)

Lizz Chloe! Look at her feature! I look like an ugly duckling beside her! =.="

Ernest BRO! guys! if you don't know who this man is, you gotta watch more local Youtubers videos!

Last picture of the day! With Careen again!

Going into details what really took place on that day:

Registration started at 9AM and we had like early bird, super amazing this peeps! Thank you for waking up so early in the morning to celebrate Nuffnang birthday with us.

Booth was set up for bloggers to get to know the behind the screen of Nuffnang, learn how Nuffnang works and stuff.

To officially launch the Bloggerati program, we had Tim up on the stage with confetti popping and also balloon drop! :) And a video featuring the Nuffies was showcased to everyone presence on event day! Tadaah, watch the video! 

Not only that, we had our veteran bloggers up on stage sharing about their personal experience. Giving out their blogging tips generously. Thank you KampungBoyCityGal and Kasihaleeya for the generous tips! #KBCG #Kasihaleeya

Not only that, we had our very own saxophonist Ken Wooi of kenwooi.com to perform a few songs to the crowd!

Not forgetting, there was an ongoing contest hosted by Foret Blanc, the best IG photo with #ForetBlanc hashtag would win RM300 voucher from Foret! OMG!! can customize a beautiful fondant cake edy lo!

Lucky draw was also given out by #GardenOfDazzles which sponsored lotsa of bling bling Swarovski jewellery and also Fifty Six Degrees gave away 2 bottles of whiskey to lucky winners.

The best dressed male and female and social butterfly for the day won vouchers from Pedro worth RM400! *mad envious* but it alright GUESS WHAT! Pedro is giving away 3 RM1000 vouchers to the best IG photo, it a post event contest open to all Nuffnangers. Head on to Nuffnang Official Blog for more info on how to win RM1000 worth of Pedro shoes/heels! 

Lastly, not forgetting. Crabtree & Evelyn, the whole purpose of this blog coverage is because I'm looking at winning myself a hamper from Crabtree & Evelyn. I deserve a pampering session with Crabtree & Evelyn because I need to rejuvenate my dry skin after a whole month of working so hard on making this event a success :) Hoping that I would be able to walk home with a pear and pink magnolia hamper from Crabtree and Evelyn :) #CrabtreeEvelynMY#NuffnangxCrabtreeEvelynMY, and #Nuffnang8irthday

Ending this blog post here! I have learnt so so much by spearheading this project. Looking forward to learn even more in this whole year with Nuffnang <3

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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