A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

I'm back again and this time, i will be speaking of a restaurant which i recently was invited to. 

This restaurant is based in 1 Utama, easily access. Located in the new wing, pretty close to cold storage.

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert, get a taste of what Hong Kong cuisine is like here.

Attended the review with fellow bloggers, Laura, Ophelia and Caroline. Met a number of online influencer during the review, namely Mark Odea, Venice Min, Povy Teng, Estelle of Singapore and a few other food bloggers.

Caroline, Laura and me :)

Pretty Laura! Like so many frens who came across pics of me with Laura will definitely ask about her one. lol

Green Lime with Plum Juice. I major love drinks which incorporate plum man, gives it a bit of sourness .

Here comes all the goodness!

The starter: HK Siew Mai & Carrot Cake!

Oh gosh, the carrot cake literally is so so good. I know its supposed to only be started but I kinda wish they served a bigger piece la! *greedy much*

 Crispy Salmon Skin with Pork Floss!

This dish tasted a lot like fried pork skin to me. Haha. Who wouldn't enjoy fried stuff you tell me!?

Here comes the main!

1st: Sheng Kee Combination Noodle/Wanton Mee!

Their wanton noodle taste different from the other wanton mee I have had outside! The char siew literally melts in my mouth!

2nd: Braised Pork Belly with Mui Choy!

Anything with Mui Choy never fails! Plus point is also definitely the fattiness in the pork which came in this dish!


Sheng Kee Mango Pamelo Sago!

This was served towards the very end, after the challenges which i will talk about ltr on!

By this time, everyone was freaking full already!

I was contemplating if I should even try it, the first mouth decides it all! I finished the whole bowl on my own. The mango is from Taiwan, naturally sweet!

Yin and Yang, Sesame seed and milk


We were separated into 3 groups, each grp consisting of 4 members.

1st 2 members played the "how to many your very own Char Siew Pau".

Sifu taught us how to make the perfect pau and how long it should be place in the oven.

2nd challenge, noodle tasting game. Try to decide which bowl consist of Sheng Kee's wanton noodle?

Sifu twirling custard on char siew pau.

3rd challenge which i was apart of was to actually make your very own Sheng Lee Mango Pomelo Soup.

Some of the shots were taken by Caroline, gosh her camera and her skills! Make me look so good la!
Photos with filters are from Caroline and photos without filters are taken by Laura. :)

Sheng Kee's Snowy Char Siew Bun :)

Texture is fantastic! No need talk about the taste la! I finish one whole pau on my own! Felt so fat after that. LOL

Rating this restaurant a 7/10! Good place to enjoy a Hong Kong meal.

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  1. OMNOMNOM! Okay, gonna go eat here now! :'D #WaitWhat.

  2. If only i can eat sam.. but the foods look goooooddddd