A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 2 February 2015

Trip to Sekinchan ;)

Hello everyone! I'm back with a new post. It seems like my last entry on fitness did not garner any sort of attention, took so much time to churn out a post on the fitness programme I am trying out now but i think no one cares. Haha. It's alright!

Today, I will be spamming you guys with lotsa FOOD picture! 

Drove all the way to Sekinchan this morning with uncles and aunties from Royal Klang Club, they are my parents tennis kakis'. We are all very close, always hanging out and dining together. These uncles and aunties are very very generous. All the food you will be seeing later on are paid by Aunty Felicia & Uncle Eng Seng today, courtesy of them, I got to feast like a KING today.

Those who don't know where Sekinchan is, it is about one and a half away from Klang, passing through Kapar and Kuala Selangor, you will then arrive at Sekinchan. It is a small town but not a run down one ya. Proper road in and out of Sekinchan and the buildings are modern buildings, not the atap houses ya. HAHAH.

Car selfie!

We arrived just in time for lunch ;) Sat in the car for 1 n half hour also can get hungry man.

9 course meal Chinese style!

Here is the 1st one - Buddha jump over the wall

Abalone <3

This bowl of goodness consist of an Abalone, two pieces of sea cucumber, dry scallop and chicken. The broth is so so so so soooo good! I finished up every sip of it!

2nd dish consist of fresh scallop, giant prawns, braised pork meat, sea cucumber, crabstick, tau ki, white radish and broccoli. <3

Am seriously feeling very hungry at 12AM now, i wan another taste of this la!

Bad display! HAHAH

3rd one was pretty normal. But it was definitely fresh~ Sekinchan is by the sea, therefore seafood here are pretty cheap i guess. Out of the 7 main course, 5 of it had prawns in it.

4th dish - Salted egg prawns with fruit salad. FANTASTIC! The fruit salad had jackfruit in it. =)

5th - Brasied fresh scallop with prawns.

6th - pork ribs! I am gonna hide at a corner and weep now coz i'm missing this dish so much! Major love for the Marmite ribs on the left!

7th - the worst dish I had for the afternoon. HOW can they go wrong on their fried rice la! aiyo!

8th Dessert - Coconut jelly! So soothing for the throat. Was already super full but I'm still forcing it all down. Too good to miss out on this!

Rating this restaurant 9/10! Will I ever come back for more? YES!! Restaurant's name is HAO XIANG CHI located just right beside Methodish Churh in Sekinchan.

After filling up our tummy, it is time for a bit of sight-seeing and walking before going home.

Stopped by this famous Wishing Tree place which you have already seen in the 1st pic posted in this blogpost. The tree is filled with red cloth people threw to make their wish. =)

Family photo without the elder sis =(. Dad being cheeky by giving me a pair rabbit ear! LOL 

Stupid fat legs! My leg got no shape one la seriously! So annoyed, it's only toned but not small!

Groufie! Managed to capture all of us inside but I look so hideous though.  

Found this spot which i thought I could take awesome shot. True enough lo, after i took my sis and the aunties also wanna take. =P

Working in a social media ad company really change me so much in terms of dealing with my own social media platforms. HAHA constantly on a look out for insta worthy pics!

I have a few more pics in my younger sister's phone. She hasn't sent it to me yet, will make do with what i have in the camera first for now.

Update the remaining pictures when its in my hand.


Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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