A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The 100th Post - On A Mermaid Mission

Dedicating my 100th post to the 1 thing I love doing most!


Just last week Wednesday and Thursday, my boss, Dolphin Lee gave me a chance to explore being a Mermaid on a Star Cruise, knowing this way beforehand, I informed my parents about it and they decided to take this as a trip too, down to Penang and on a Star Cruise.

Left Klang at 8AM to arrive early for some Penang local delicacies. Dropped by the infamous Lorong Selamat which sucks la the Kuey Teow. So expensive some more! LOL
Had Lobak also, wasn't up to my expectation either.

Ah Keid being all happy and Excited! =P

After lunch, we headed to the Jetty to only realize that car tyre puncit! =( So, Arthur had to drove to the nearest workshop to ensure that the tyre doesn't go flat when we drive back to Klang.

Followed them to get the tyre fixed. =)

After fixing the tires, headed straight back to the dock. Swettenham Pier which I remembered reading it in our history book back in secondary. LOL no prai praii, scold A for Sejarah le in SPM. LOL

THIS SHIP IS MOTHER OF ALL SHIPS LA! Damn huge la! but, sadly, we ain't boarding this yo!

This ship is will be my house for the night! The Superstar Libra, the smallest among the Superstar Star Cruise but I was happie! It's my 1st time alright being on a cruise!

Most of my pictures are with them boys! =P Sam and Keid! My bodyguard/photographer/man-slave *jokes* for the 2 days! LOLOLOLOL

Boarding Uncle Lim's ship! Uncle Lim so rich! Got young handsome grandchild anot? LOL 

QUENN MARY 2, set sailing before us think they came from Europe that side. 

Totally felt like I was boarding a flight la seriously! Had security scan and stuff like that that usually only takes place in an airport!

The 1st thing that greeted me! Duty Free shops! 

Walking through the lobby, hotel feel banyak! 

This was how my stay for the night looks like. Super cosy honestly and there war cabinets and what not to place your stuff if you are staying for long. Guess this is how all those workers on board survive la. AND it was all in pink! My fav color!

Just staring into distance, trying to picture myself marrying a prince! WTF daydream! 

Thanks Ah Keid for the awesome pics! Awesome photographer is awesome la!

All beautiful shots taken by me Samsung NX Mini! LOVE THE CAMERA TO BITS!

After unpacking and changing, we went up to the highest deck to check out the pool! Was quite disappointed to see such a small pool. Thought it was going to be quite huge for me to pattern pattern a bit. hahahah.

Weather was great so we decided to just take a dip and try out what we would be doing tonight for the crowd! =] 

Fck la, i'm such a lousy poser seriously! I needa ask people to take more pics of me to know my best angle la! urgh!

 My striking purple tail~

Us, looking super hideous trying to put on our tail. =X 

Got toes cramps after turning and tossing for a bit! FML! I think my flats was a bit too tight. Had to remove the fin and Sam Sam gave me a toe massage! Thankieww Sam =) not even the BF gives me foot massages man! =)

Felt so much better after that, no more cramps!


putting on the mother of TAIL! which weight 10KG okay! This one really no joke la! It's so heavy, and thick, if you can't swim well, better don't try it on cause it will sink you completely.

Forgot to mention that the pool is quite deep. about 2.2M deep. I tried not sculling with my hands and see if I would sink with this silicone tail, so quickly I was at the bottom already. Heavier than having weight belt on.

It is also tough to put on cause,
1. It's heavy
2. It's actually not my size when it comes to the bum bum area, yes, very surprise, my butt is bigger than normal girls butt and that makes my thighs huge also. Was tough to pull it up completely cause its tight at the thighs and butt area but when it comes to the waist, it's so lose! =(
To show you how tough it is to put on, here are a few candid shots taken by Ah Keid:

 flat boobs! 

FINALLY DONE! Takes about 5 mins or more.

It's so heavy that you can't exactly flip the tail up to get a nice shot. LOL I tried but my hair looks weird. 

After all the swimming, we got down to exploring the whole ship. Discovered where the casino and dining area were.

 Group shot!

 Dinner at 5PM can you believe, all was starving from the sun session.

Mad worried that my camera will drop into the sea la. My heart was beating super fast la!
My sponge towel almost dropped into the sea though cause the wind was so strong.

And eventually night came!

Sorry, my panaroma skill sucks! Didn't managed to capture a nice view of the night happening that day!

Sam Sam having a glass of whisky to get started on our night! LOL


After nomming until our tummy bulge, it was time to swim again =)

Looks so fat!

After showering, everyone decided to visit the casino, I decided to venture into my own of of being a loner. I love it when I'm alone in such a huge space, it allows me to ponder on things that I never had time to think about.

Went up all the way to the 10th floor, sat on a sun tanning bed and just enjoyed the cold breeze, stayed up there for almost 2 hours alone, just enjoying the quiet moments which I seldom get to enjoy. Best thing was, no wifi was available, so it was just me, the wind, the sea and nothing.

For safety purposes, they had to close the pool with a net, though still not very safe but better than nothing.

I honestly enjoyed myself so so much! The breeze and quietness was awesome. Best part was there were no Internet connection to utilize, i felt like I was far far away from earth!

Went to bed at about 3.30AM and woke up at 8.30AM to have breakfast. =)

Left Penang to Ipoh for some awesome Chicken rice! Picture below! Let you drool a little.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. Sam. U r soooo pwetty! Imagine im wearing that two pieces and that mermaid tail. All people will die. Lol

    1. eh HAHAHAH.. don't say like that, you are a mummy already. Next time i got child edy also i can't wear oredy. =X

  2. Damn good post!!! Ohmygod, Sammy. Brings me right back to the days where I'd do full-length posts like these.. used to spend hours in front of the pc! Cray. Keep at it!!! Well done.