A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Friday, 20 February 2015

Melacke's 24TH Birthday!

[Another backlog post]

Melly's birthday was on the 8th of February 2015. That makes me 12 days late in my blogpost, better late than never right thats why people said. HAHAH

Was quite a busy Sunday for me that day. After morning work i went down to PJ to find for someone then after that rushed to Pyramid to buy Mel's present then only got to her place. Was the earliest still, helped her out a little with the deco. She decorated everything from scratch man!

She bought this wall sticker from Daiso, so so pretty this stick ons. And with that small black board there for attendees to write a bday message to her. haha 

Summer wanting to be in the photo. Know this baby girl when she was only 3 years old and now she is  years old. How time flies! Such a tall and big girl now. 

Home made photo booth~ So much effort put into throwing HERSELF a birthday party! HAHAHAH. I wish i would do that for myself but nope, am too lazy to anything. Will just wait for the bf to throw me one la. LOL 

Props for the photo booth  

and here we have Summer posing in front of the golden photo booth.

Marvelous simple deco~ She should be working as an event planner man, not a freaking translator in a hospital. HAHAH

 Very wild Melly!!!! You like it 50 shades right! LOL

According to Melly, wearing a dress without a pair of heels is incomplete so i had to borrow Melly's mum's heels to take a photo. HAHAH

Here we have CAKE POPS! yayy~ My fav dessert. Jacinda's mum made this. Fantastic job~ Aunty even bought a cake pop holder for this party, how cute! haha

This baked potatoes are to die for! I don't know where Mel learnt all this skills from la. She cook so well and she deco so well. Mother material really~ She is single by the way and wants a baby soon. So if you don't mind, i can hook you up with her! HAHAHAHAHAHA, she is so gonna kill me after seeing this, that is if she read my blog!

Apple crumble made by the birthday girl too.  I was too full by then with 2 pieces of lasagna and a bowl of homemade mushroom soup. But Jacinda said that it was fantastic as well! I have no doubt in Mel's cooking n baking skills. I might just engage her to throw me a party la. LOL

SALAD! greens~ Something mild to go with all the main course.

Camwhore with Jacinda! :) This friend of mine is a great dancer and one of her greatest achievement is winning the Miss Asia title. Representing Malaysia to Hong Kong to compete Internationally. So proud of this girl. <3

All ma friend so pweeettyyy, am like an ugly duckling among them.

AND TADAHH~ The crazy bitch pose, trying to seduce Ian Somerhalder? lol.

and here we have Melly's Libyan friends. Don't be deserve by what they are wearing man. Beneath these black clothing are short mini skirts and dresses. Me and Jacinda was so damn surprise man.

Did i forgot to mention that Melly is half Chinese half Libyan but to me she is so chinese la. LOL. The only sign of her being a Libyan is that she can cook Libyan food and she can speak Arabic. lol

This melty cake, i don't know what is it called is CRAZILY good! Like I said anything that is baked by Mel is heaven in my mouth la.

No traditional candles on cakes instead we have candles placed around the cake =) Such a pretty high view shot taken by Jacinda.

Ending it with a few pictures of Melly, Jacinda and Me. <3

Can't wait for Yen Yen to come back la. We gonna go CRAAAA-ZY in Sunway Lagoon again.

Happy 24th Birthday Melly. You know we love you~~~

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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  1. What a gorgeous party!!! So much gold. I LOVEE.