A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dolphin Lee Aquatic Annual Dinner

[Backlog post]

If you haven know, I am currently working in Nuffnang and also Dolphin Lee Aquatic.

Dolphin Lee Aquatic is the swim school that I'm working for during the weekends to earn extra income even though it is very tiring and it doesn't give me time to socialize with my friends but I guess while i'm still young, I would have to do all these. 

So, it is an annual things that DLA have, the 'sou gong' dinner, whereby all the employees are gathered to have a meal together. Most of the company does that actually, if they don't, the boss is probably too cheapskate. HAHAH.

Anyway, this year's sou gong dinner is at V Garden restaurant. ;)

Me and my 20 years buddy, Willis! jokes! He always say i;m his 20 years buddy but in actual I've only known him since I was 14. That only makes our friendship 9 years. Math failed la he! HAHAH..

Also holds the position as the Chief Instructor in DLA. Very responsible fella, does his job well! No one would have been a better candidate than him. =]

Here are a few of the young's kids that is already teaching in DLA. Some in the process of learning still. These kids are age between 15 − 20 yet there are so ready to learn and earn a bit on their own. So proud of these kiddos! :)

With Agnes babeh! This girl is very very pretty in person! One of my mersisters too :)

With Naomi Wong, Cliff and ah Sam 

And here we have the mermaids of DLA with our Mr boss! =) 

The boys in the team, most of them are instructors and divers. :) 

With one of my chatterbox swimmer! Alvin. Comes from a well of family and he is only 16 this year yet he is already working as a part timer in DLA. Still my swimmers under my training, a lot to learn some more ya Alvin! =]

Here comes the food!

What is a chinese new year dinner with Lou Sang! =] In a year time, we only get to lou sang like once or twice. Have to make full use of it la

Boss officiating the lou sang session with some wisdom words of his. haha 

See the mess that we have created! It is a good thing though for the chinese, it means the gold are scattered everywhere, you will not be poor for the entire year. yayyy =)

And the remaining are the 9 course meal that the Chinese always have. HAHAHA

Chicken soup 

Pon Choy! the most expensive dish out of all the dishes served, consist of abalone and what not la. Aiya, i also don't know la, my job is to eat! 

Steamed fish 

Pak cham kai; steam chicken. 

Prawns in butter sauce

Glutinous rice. The thing about this dish is by the time it is out, everyone is freaking full already. Nobody can consume it anymore and the whole plate would just go to waste la. It is always the same even in chinese wedding dinner. 

Dessert was great! Mochi and fried sweet potato i think. LOL

And of course, what is a Chinese New Year Dinner without a Yum Seng session! HAHAHA. not with beer or liquor but with chinese tea for the kids.

I really love the DLA family, never once regretted coming over here. Every job has its up and down, the ups are occasions like these. The down shall not be mentioned, all i can say is I LOVE MY JOB! =)

Thank you Dolphin Lee for all the great opportunities and fun time! =)

Well, that's all folk.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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