A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What To Eat in KUCHING?

Recently made my 2nd trip to Kuching, where the bf is originated from. Made in Kuching and only breed in Kuching till age 10, been in KL more than he is in Kuching.

Went back to attend a distance cousin wedding of Eric's. He don't even know who is that in the first place, went there luckily sat with Eric's ee ee, she intro the two of them to all the uncles n aunties that is supposedly their relative la. HAHAH

Anyway, not here to talk about all those. Want to inform you of the foods that you should keep a look out when you plan to visit Sarawak Kuching.

1. Sarawak Laksa - It is fucking good I tell you especially when you squeeze extra lime into it. Nt very spicy and a bit sour-ish. Am already drooling just thinking about the food.
This bowl here, I had it at Foody Goody, apparently the best in Kuching. Waited quite some time for this special bowl of Sarawak Laksa that cost us RM9 because of the huge prawn! The usual price is only RM4 actually.

2. Kiaw (Dumpling) - Sarawakians don't call this Sui Kao (dumplings), instead it's called Kiaw, I have no idea why! This one we ordered at Foody Goody wasn't that good but on the last day we ordered dried Kiaw at 101, just behind One City! It tasted great! Very different from KL's Sui Kao. =D 

3. Lobak/Taiwan Sausage - These pieces of goodness is every Chinese favorite! Who doesn't like fried lobak. Again, it tasted darn different from KL's lobak and to top it of we ordered Taiwan Sausage, me and my weird love for Taiwan Sausage, if i ever do visit Taiwan, you know what I would be looking for on the streets.

4. Kuey Chap - If you are a fan of pork and whats not, you would also know what kuey chap is. This one I had wasn't that special...

but THIS!

Medium bowl of goodness! Had this in Bintawa Kuey Chap, just waze the place and you will find it. I had my dinner already before this but the next day we are leaving already, I can't miss the chance of trying this darn famous Kuey Chap place. Fell in love with it instantly! The sad thing was, we arrived at about 9+pm, the intestines were all sold out already. =(

Both Eric and Jacky was too fulled to slurp down this bowl of Kuey Chap, so it was only me having it.

5. Ang Tao Cen Lut (Cendol) - Basically his is Sarawak's Cendol. I guess you are familiar with the east Malaysia cendol with lotsa santan and the green stripy thingy right? Well, Sarawak cendol is a bit different. I don't really know how to explain this to you but it's definitely good stuff la!

5. Tomato Mee - the gravy is tomato base. The first time I had it was last year March, been craving for it for the longest time. The moment we touched down Kuching, we headed straight to Song Kheng Hai for this! The Yee Mee is either served crispy or boiled. I prefer the crispy one. =)

Boiled Yee Mee

This is how Song Kheng Hai looks like if you are curious.

One more thing!

6. Kolok mee - instead of wantan mee, Sarawak have their own kolok mee. THIS IS ALSO A MUST TRY!

My last recommendation would be two type of Vege

7. Bilin - don't confuse it with paku pakis?! Taste the best when it's cooked Thai style <3

8. Mani Chai - cooked with EGG! Undoubtedly ALLLLLLLL SARAWAKIANS favorite! NO JOKE! Everyone order this dish when they are eating out. In KL, this veg is placed into Pan Mee but in Sarawak, it's fried with egg. Taste awesome!

Well, this is it! What I have learnt so far from my 2nd trip to Kuching. =)

Before endig this post, selfie a pre and post hair make by Eric's Ee Ee.

No, my hair is not curly, it was just done temporary, but am already thinking about doing it permanently but I can't yet as I'm still dipping in Chlorine water every weekends. One day maybe?

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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