A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Nuffnang's 2015 Company Trip to BALI (Part 1)

Self explanatory title. :)

1st time on a real company trip! ^^ and I had a lot a lot a lot of fun.

This year's trip was planned by the Singapore Nuffies and the destination was Bali (12th - 15th Jan).

Day 1: Arrival, Team Building and Dinner at Nuri's

Off we go on Air Asia to the land of love. I was seated beside Ophelia and En Wei on the way there. Super eggcited already to start off our trip.

Arrived the air port at about 12+pm, no time difference at all. Stayed at Park Regis Kuta which did not meet my hotel expectation. We arrived super late so we had to rush like mad as everyone was supposed to gather at 3PM to depart from the hotel for our team building activities. Only managed to capture one pic:

Colorful boats lined up by the German beach, situated south of Kuta. The color was dirty to be honest, we were only there for our team building activity. The beach at central kuta aint that bad, the last trip me and Eric managed to even swim but this beach is filthy la. Haha.

Team building ended at 6PM, get back to the hotel to shower and prepare to have dinner with Boss Ming. SG boss brought the MY and China team for Naughty Nuri Ribs. it's FUCKING AWESOME~ all of us were mad hungry, we didn't actually managed to snap any sort of picture. Bill was on boss Ming, all of us devoured the food like we have not eaten for 3 days!

But before we got to eat, we had to bloody queue for like 40 mins la.

 Beware, piggy crossing!

Don't be deceived by the number of people you see, it is mad full house inside the restaurant.

All I can say is dinner was fantastic! and that concludes Day 1 of #NuffiesAroundTheWorld #NuffiesTrip

Day 2: Fun-filled exploration of Bali

1st stop for Day 2 is a shop which makes jewelry made out of 95% Silver and 5% copper. Saw some expensive shizza. Intended to buy some stuff, like a simple ring or a chain but nothing appealed to me la. Those that did were too pricey.

But here are a few pics of mua and how are the jewelry made.

All handmade.

3 Musketeers that sticked together throughout this whole trip. I find this two super interesting la, the way they communicate with each other really crack me up la sometimes. LOL

2nd stop is the Tengalalng Rice Terrace. I was here last year July too during my 1st trip to Bali.

Panorama view of the rice terrace.

The view is magnificent, the last trip when I was here it was a bit breezy but that day we were greeted with just a scorching sun. grrrr~ sweat like mad and stings so badly!

3rd stop for the day, the Holy Spring.

Hate these short and fat legs!  

Nuffies all dressed in Sarong, legs need to be covered in all Bali sacred places. 

#NuffiesOOTD might as del take a pic with my Sarong which i did return this round. hahaha. The last time i took it back to the hotel. erkkk~

The local goes under the paip to cleanse their soul and also the guide mention that if people have bad dreams and they do not want those bad dreams to come true, the holy water will cleanse it all off. wow, their belief!!

Before going under the paip, they are supposed to do some offering 1st. Flower petals are one of the item listed. People in Bali are mostly Hindu and they strongly believe in their religion. 

Look at how clear the water is, you can even look at the ground. Now, to show you where does the water comes from, it is super mysterious.

What exactly are the nuffies looking at?

To answer the question above, here it is!

Can you see like something bubbling out of the darker sand area? The guide mentioned that as long as it is bubbling, you know that water is still coming out of it. lol. Water is super duper clear and we saw birds diving low to catch their favorite fishes. Poor fishy who decides to swim on the surface. lol

and, we have us lining up, tug in our sarang for a group picture! Credit Bryan Chin for the beautiful pic.

Mr guide, Gerdik, that's his name, he speak good english therefore making it so much more easier to understand. Thank you for bringing us around <3

 Panorama view, with a few balinese on the right side praying.

While we were on our way out, someone told me that the President's home is just right above. WOW, the last time I came by, Wayan didn't even told me la. it damn kao beautiful even though i was just standing below.

There were a separate pond with tone of big ass fishes in it. Gerdik mentioned that these fishes used to be in the pond where the holy spring but it got to distracting so the caretaker shifted it to this pond. There were so many, goes by the hundreds and all fucking fat! Wonder who feeds them.

This post is getting a bit lengthy, gonna stop here. Blog about the remaining trip in my next post. Don't forget to check back for the remaining places we visited! =)

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