A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Nuffnang's 2015 Company Trip to BALI (Part 2)

Sorry, i took so long to get back on the remaining places we visited =( Was rather busy the whole week. Company is actually heading towards a new direction kinda thing. Lotsa thing to get adapt to and learn.

So, right after we visited the Holy Spring, the 4th place that we dropped by is the Gao Gajah, the elephant cave.

This rock carving must have been around for ages la. The balinese are very famous with all this carvings.

Rocks stacked up, must have a purpose la but i never ask Gerdik. 

Saw many nuffies taking picture here so i asked Denise to help me take one too. =) 

But, the sad thing about this pond is that, the water is fucking shallow but there just a few gigantic fishes swimming inside, there were only one sunken spot, so the fishes had to choice but to stick to the same spot only. wahlao, where can like that le! Torturing the fishes so bad!

 In front of the cave, Boss Tim and Nuffies Malaysia acting silly!

 and we have Bryan with no sense of stability! LOL

There weren't a lot of things in the cave and it actually smells quite bad la tbh. So quickly went in snap a few pictures and came out. These are all prayer related things la.

 Walking downwards, there is more things to see!

Apparently, there were something building here but someone predicted that in earthquake was about to take place therefore the constructed stopped completely and they separated a huge rock into two. Now, it is just water falling and streaming down.

Just right beside the two huge rock being all posey. HAHAH

Lunch was at this fancy restaurant and they only serve Bebek Goreng (Fried Duck). I personally love bebek the last trip i tried it but this one, it was too dry la.

Next stop is the coffee plantation. Not a coffee lover but idk how on earth i spent RM140 there just buying teas and what not. Roselle Tea, Mangosteen Tea and Vanilla Coffee. Farking expensive to think about it. LOL

The lady roasting the infamous Kopi Luwak, solely produced by Cervix Cat, these animal are not tame animal, they get really wild when provoked. They only choose the best berries to consume and their waste are made in coffee, very very expensive coffee to be precise.

Cervix Cat sleeping, they sleep during day time and is active during night time.

Boss Tim being all fascinated with how the Kopi Luwak is boiled. HAHAAH
I guess all of us were fascinated la coz we never actually see how coffee is made. We only order them from Starbucks and it is machine made so ya! 

The choices of tea! =)

Final tourist spot - Tanah Lot. A temple you are able to visit during low tide and during hide tide there is no way you can get in or out of the temple.

Entrance, noticed that every Balinese temple, there is you beautiful grand arch to enter the temple. 

Potong flag pole but here you go the temple during high tide, didn't managed to get into the temple again. The last trip also i could only see it from far.

We had ample time to explore the place, happen to come across this small coffee shop with Cervix Cats and BATS!
 A fat and tame one this one. No idea how it became so tame though. =\

BIG BATS! hanging upright just to pee. LOLOLOL.

After that we went back to the hotel to get bath and change and head out for our own dinner. Had babi guling but definitely not the authentic one cause the authentic one is fried pork skin but this one idk what was i eating LOL.

After dinner, we headed to the club. Boss Tim joined us man! He is super ons la! He opened 5 bottles that night and all of us partied like crazy la, esp Tim, never seen him so crazy before with his ONLY dance move - shuffling. LOL. No joke, he only knows how to shuffle LOL.

Partied till 2AM and the next day we had a freaking 9AM - 6PM meeting. Everyone was pretty much zombie-fied. LOL

Day 3 was pretty much just meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting and more meeting, like i mentioned, 9AM - 6PM just trying to absorb a lot!

After that, we were all rewarded with a great meal. Fine Dining at Metis.

Ending the Bali blogpost here. Actually I got a bit lazy trying to explain everything la. So, i will just allow the picture to speak for itself la. lol


Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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