A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG) Programme

Commitment - the most important element needed when dealing with fitness.

When I started off my fitness regime 2 years back, I was weight 48-49KG, the heaviest I have been.. At that time, i was probably already in a one year plus relationship with my current bf, I ate however much I wanted and did not really cared if I put on a lot of weight or what not. But during Chines New Year, I met up with lotsa uncles and aunties and majority of them stated that I have gained some weight, when people say that about me, I'm very assured that indeed I put on weight and i don't look so good or in shape as I used to be. I needed to do something before it is too late.

I started off with lotsa cardio, trying to lose those calories, after a few month doing lotsa cardio, I was back to my usual weight but the not satisfied me started taking lots of heavy weight lighting. I uses barbell to do squats and lunges, I even went on the smith machine.

To strengthen my leg and also to build my quads and hamstring and of course my booty. But when i started off I did not had any guidance from anyone, I was doing it all wrong for a few months before meeting this gym instructor and a few gym buddies to educate me on proper ways to squats and do lunges, it was then that i saw changes taking place in my lower body. My thigh are pretty huge and I knew that there were no way this thigh is gonna lose its size and in order for it not too look too flabby, i had to work on my lower body. My usual gym routine is running on the treadmill for 20 mins, and then all lower body activities only.

I never intended to build my upper body at all until last year March, I was introduced to this challenge call Viper Challenge. Read how it goes here! Mak (gym buddy) told me that my upper body needs to be strong too in order for me to climb over walls and fences so i started working on my upper body too. I took weight as heavy as 10KG. wtf for a girl right? But Mak states that girls' body won't be very bulky one la unless they take protein la and they do super heavy.

A month before Viper i took protein and shit, as a girl, I could see the major changes in my body, i put on so much muscle mass. Got a bit worried, stopped protein intake after a month. No doubt my recovery was so much better with protein intake.

Well, speaking of my past fitness experience, I am now going to introduce you to this programme that i discovered last year but did not have time to commit at all, finally decided to get down to it and oh ya, my next Viper Challenge is exactly a month and a half away. I gotta get down to work man or not i would be suffering in that 20KM. 

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide has lotsa female raving about it and I saw a lot of changes on all the girls who have completed her 12 week programme. Here are a few.

These girl definitely either lose their fats or got ton-ner. lol. At this point, i can safely say i'm not fat but my aim at this moment is to gain a more visible abs. 

Working towards this! Not easy for sure but like I said, commitment.

Here are the week 1 circuit from Kayla BBG programme. I did the leg & cardio circuit on Friday and my ass hurt now.

Each circuit you are supposed to do 2 x 7 mins, means within 7 mins if you are can 2 − 3 circle of one circuit then you are good, don't stop until the 7 mins is up.

Each day 2 circuit, so means 4 x 7 mins = 28mins of working out, each between each circuit, u are allowed a 30 − 90 seconds cool down before proceeding to the next round again.

Hope it doesn't confuse you, if you are interested. Check out this page to buy her guide! It's pretty expensive but i'm quite sure it would work.

Will show you the progress picture after a few weeks la. Hopefully I have the time to really commit this time as I have bought the guide.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


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