A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 22 December 2014


Hey guys! Merry Christmas to all! It is only 3 days away from the most joyous day in the year!

As you can see from the title, I would be speaking of what took place in the Nuffnang's Office. Every year there is this Best Christmas Decoration Contest hat takes plave in the office! Each section/area/group are allocated a certain amount of budget to decorate their specific area!

Well, I will be taking you with me through the journey of what my team members and I came up with!

Preparation: We started off 3 weeks earlier, cutting snowflakes and buying materials first!

 Hand Drawn and Painted Bricks!

Fresh African Daisies 

Jack trying to figure out what to do with the table cloth! HAHA. He took freaking 2 hours and yet didn't come up with anything creative. FHL! 

Ophelia cutting of the stems from the fresh flowers we bought! We went all the way to Petaling Street (chee chong kai) to purchase these beautiful bouquets! 10 stocks for RM7! cheap cheap cheap! 

Laura pasting the painted bricks up on the wall. 

Samboy (Laura's bf) even dropped y to help put up the suspended X'mas tree.  

Bricks all up 

Mijel and Ophelia putting up the hand made buntings!

This bricks wall will not be taken down even after Christmas is over! It would be a photo wall for all nuffies!

If you follow @nuffnangMY closely, you will probably be seeing a lot of this background! =D

 Snow Bed!


Reel (Reelity TV), Cafe (ChurpChurp; but it's hard to placed the term Churp in our cafe's name), Noms (Nom Nom Media)


our moto is 'you will never get eNuff (Nuffnang)'

I have no idea where all those came about! It just pop in to our mind!

If you don't already know, Netccentric consists of Nuffnang, ChurpChurp, Nom Nom Media and Reelity TV! We managed to create a hipster cafe name with all sisters company under Netccentric! =D

The Results:

We stayed back until 4AM on Thursday to put up all the decos!

Welcome to our CAFE!

Hand made coffee machine! =P and also our hand written menu at the back! 

 Suspended Christmas tree! Using fishing strings to hang every single thing that is on this tree! =]

The view from below the tree! 

Cash or card? Nope

We accept LIKES, FOLLOWS & SHARES! follow us on Instagram @ReelCafeNoms

 Present anybody?

Hanging Snowballs! =) 

90% of the things presented in this blogpost is hand made! We put in so much effort to make this place look Christmassy and Cozy! Hope you guys enjoyed the pretty view!

Before I leave!!!!

As i mention, there is a contest going on!

REEL CAFE NOMS would be so super glad if you would be able to vote for us!

The contest is held on our boss TIMOTHY TIAH'S DAYRE for today (22/12/2014). Sign up for a DAYRE account to cast your vote!

You would also be seeing all the other teams deco on Tim's Dayre too!

QUICK GO CAST YOUR VOTES! We would highly appreciate it! Pretty pretty pleaseee! ^^

Signing off,
Samantha Tew


  1. that;s so cool to be working in such a fun office..

    1. Hi Swee San, yeap.. indeed a fun place to work in =D Do vote for us on Tim's Dayre ya ^^