A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Prawning for Gigantic Prawns!

Many of you have never experience this fishing before, what more prawning!

Last Sunday, I finally had the chance to experience what prawning was all about!

I'm a major fan of seafood, prawns no exception!

So, when I heard Jacky told me that he went prawning the other day, I couldn't resist, I needed to experience it myself and also to devour all those big chunky prawn fresh from the water.

Right after badminton, went home, got dress there off we go!

Tons of prawns *huge ones* just waiting to be caught! HAHAH!

The rod is for rental, its about RM18 an hour, the more prawns you catch in an hour the more worth it lo. The box of worm is for sale at RM10. You can keep it there till the next time you visit, then you won't have to buy another box.

Boxes of worms label with owner's names. hahaha!

The content inside the box! errr, so geli la just by looking at this! 

I'm sorry worm! you need to be fed to the prawns that i would be eating!

 Prawn wriggling its way out of the hook before landing on the floor!

 Poor boy le! In an hour only managed to catch 2 prawns while the brother caught like shit loads! LOL

 Finally, got some action! haha!

Yum yum yumz!

Ready for some juicy prawns? Woohoo~ 

While we were there, there were a bunch of Chinese ladies having their Barbecue party there, they bought too much food and asked if we wanted.

At 10PM and we still haven had lunch or dinner yet, YES of course we wanted it la! HAHAHAH

Thank you kind ladies!

Look look! ITS ALMOST DONE! 

 Fresh from the pit! fuck yeah!

All I want for Christmas is more prawns! haha

Told mum that i had lotsa prawn on Sunday and she said "you know this prawns are fed daily right and the cholestrol is exceptionally high!"

I'm like fuck it! It's prawns dude! hahah

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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