A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Nuffies Christmas Party 2014 @ Stickman's Hideout MidValley

If you don't know, Nuffies are what we call ourselves if we are working in Nuffnang =)

Nuffies Christmas Party apparently its a tradition, it has been happening since the year Nuffnang started back in 2007. Heard from boss Tim that when they first started off, there were only four people in the party and this year 2014, there is about 50+ nuffies! yayy~

So, this year's party was held in the Mid Valley's office =) The place could easily cater all of us and it is definitely much cleaner la cause the office is NEW! haha

The theme for this year's party was KIDS WEAR! right! Not so hard after all la, cause even though i'm 22 this year, soon-to-be 23, i still act like a child most of the time! HAHAH.. so much for wanting to be a mother edy also. #failmother if I were to be one this soon. LOL

Anyway, most of us adhered to the theme. We even have Nuffies coming in in Unicorn onesies la! =)

Well, not gonna say much, show you the pictures I took for the night =)

Well, it's a potluck that night, that explains all the foooooodddd! couldn't even finish everything la! Ample of choices!

Oh look! Must have had too much drinks that night! I'm even seeing unicorns! HAHAH! err, okay, not funny~

This three people crack me up all the time la. Mad having this peeps around in the office!

These onesies are from Fashion Heavennn by the way!

Blue Unicorn (Ophelia), the onesie is so much bigger than her la. LOL

With Adele and Ophelia!

Mijel ^^ 

 Choo Choo 

 Shell, thanks to you and James for the awesome party!

PUI YEE~ from classmates in unit to being interns under the same company and now colleagues! =P thank you for everything!

Melissa who came as a doll. =) 

One with Bryan, who looks like someone that always kena bullied in school la but in actual, Bryan is a big bully himself! Always bully the girls in office! tsk tsk tskk

Jack, my partner in crime! err, not really la! More like my slave in Nuffnang! HAHAH. Jokes! Both of us is under the Nuffnang Comm Team!

Well, here is a pic of the Comm Team under Netccentric! Laura and Ophelia under Churp Churp; Jack and I under Nuffnang! =)

All of us work very closely in accomplishing campaigns!

Comm Team with Mijel, our assistant country manager! She leaving us already! saddddd!!!!!! 

Boss Tim =D

Sick pink unicorn~ hahaha crazy woman stuff tissues into her nose, she said nose running!

Acting silly with this two drama queens in our area! Always bicker at each other one lo this two! Damn funny la!

Boss giving the opening speech before the secret santa gifts exchange begins. 

Oh look! Who's that cutie pie over there!

This boy getting cuter and cuter each time I see him! Baby Fighter!

Lastly, a pic with Audrey before she left the party! 

Really enjoyed myself that night! Great party and also great companies. One of the best Christmas I have spent, every year;s Christmas is just staying at home for me, but this year I attended two party man! I will leave that for another post on another day!

Well gotta sleep now!

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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