A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Goodie Foodie: Fahrenheit 600 @ Publika

Last Friday (5th Dec 2014) was Darren's last day at work after almost 3 full years servicing in Nuffnang.

Were kinda sad that he is going even though I have only known him for 5 months plus.

Goodbye Darren, you will be missed! 

Well, for his farewell, the office have decided to drop by Fahrenheit 600 at Publika for a last feast with him.

Its my first time here, well, the experience was great, the food was good, the environment is good until we fcken found a maggot in Choo's lasagna. erkk! It probably came from the salad, they suspect, must be a good thing right right righhttt?????? Means the green has lesser pesticides right?

Me and Chingy otw in Darren's car!

The shop is on the same row as red beanbag but instead of upstairs, it is downstairs.

Famous baby FIGHTER TIAH! <3

Fighter and Boss Tim =D

Also see the cute Barista behind the counter! Could not stop staring at him. *D

Now, for all the food pictures! Only took pictures of the meal served in our table, there were 30 peoples who attended the farewell, can't be going around snapping away right? haha

Salad served with raw salmon

 Lasagna =)

PIZZA, their specialties! look at the watery egg la!  

 Strawberry Lemonade with a piece of Choc cake! So sinful yet the dark choc tasted damn fine!

My Mexican Spag from the lunch set, lunch set was served with a drink and dessert of your choice from the menu, there were quite a number to choose from. Best part is it is only RM18.90. So worth it!

The erm maggot was found in this! Must be the salad right, cant be the lasagna! The lasagna was baked la, how can the maggot survived? haha!

and, we have two class clowns snapping away for a masterpiece! 
Camera eat first as usual!

Desserts anybody? On Nom Nom Nom Nommm~

Well, that's all I have for today! Enjoy drooling in front of your device! =P

Goodbye Darren, you will be missed!

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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  1. yum yum! the food looks good! especially that dessert! chocolicious! =D