A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 1 November 2014

VIPER CHALLENGE 2014! *cross off checklist*

As you know from this post title.

I have completed Asia Hardest Obstacle course today, also known as Viper Challenge.

First signed up back in March and told myself, ah fuck it la.. i still got 8 months to train la, chillax a bit la, but within a blink of an eye, today is the said day!!! and SO FAST it ended already!!!

20KM + 20 obstacles. By far my biggest accomplishment when it comes to sporty stuff, man, while typing this post, my legs are burning like fuck. Just apply the muscle reliever ailment and it fucking on fire! =.="

Anyway, the started off as i woke up at 2AM to go for early breakkie with Mak at Shanmugan Bukit Tinggi.

Reached Han Jien's house at 3AM and left Klang at about 3.20AM, arrived at 4AM, registered and we did a lil warming up and applied all the necessary things la e.g.: Vasaline! *lifesaver*

Started off at 6AM and off we go!

The second obstacles itself is a cold water obstacle edy, dip ourselves into big icy tub of water man. Super refreshing la at 6.20AM. HAHAH.

3rd obstacle was another water obstacle too, pull ourselves under a cage through the muddy water.

Had lotsa upper body workout which came in well for me cause i trained my upper body so super hard after Mak told me that you need lotsa strength to pull yourself up and whats not.

Had to climb over an inclined wall, a vertical wall, small wall, all kind of walls la. fucking tough.

The five of us

Ended up losing Nelson cause he had knee problem and couldn't keep up.

So of the places that we ran through the view were stunning. KLIA was very visible to us, the airport runway, we saw planes parked by the side too. This pictures was taken coz the view at the back was great but camera too lousy already can't really capture the moments. Haha

The second last obstacle was pretty tough in my opinion but i still managed to pull through, saw so many other girls fell into the water and felt so satisfied that i could do it! I kept having my foot stuck in between those nets.

Met Dolphin here, he was part of the St. John's community.

Felt so good completing the damn race man! My leg have never hurt that much before! Wanted to run also couldn't anymore, the leg was almost giving way already. haha

No selfie for the day! =D
Cant be bothered, seriously too tired!

Went home and crashed for 4 hours and its 10.30pm now, off to bed again. Working tomorrow evening. Thank god i was smart enough to take the morning off. =D

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