A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Viper Challenge 2!

I thought my next Viper Challenge would not be that soon but guess what? I just registered myself with another 11 other friends/colleagues for the upcoming March challenge.

For those who have not heard of what Viper is all about. Watch the video below and it would give you an idea:

Refer to my previous blogpost to see how I did for my first Viper Challenge.

Basically it's a 20KM + 20 Obstacles challenge. It super thrilling la.

The distance is a killer, some of the obstacles are really easy, some needs teamwork to complete it and some are just un-accomplisable? If that is even a word. HAHAH

Signed up the March one with a more ladies than men in the team. Quite worried for those who don't really exercise a lot la, brought Han Jien along also this round so that if things turn out badly, I still can rely on him. hehe. Always and forever will be a reliable brother to me. Mak won't be around anymore, he said if all goes well, he would be off to Aussie to do his Masters, damn sad la. No more gym buddy, he helped me so much la the previous 8 months, trained under his guidance, he helped me with all the weight training, my gym session would be so boring without his presence. Sighh, will miss him for real if he goes over!

Notice that all my close friends are all residing in Aussie. I don't really have a super close friend in M'sia honestly.

Anyway, topic drifted. So, I was saying, next Viper, motivation to gain stamina and strength is on full blast again. I felt kinda lost after I completed my 1st challenge last week, because all along i knew my main gold was to prep myself for the big day and the day i completed my challenge, i felt like a burden *not really* was lifted off my shoulder. I felt as if like, even if I go to the gym, I didn't know what was the purpose anymore. But, now, I'm back on track. *so happyyyy!*

My goal for March's challenge is to complete the whole challenge and minimize the skipping of obstacles in under 4 hours!

Need to train harder than I did for the previous one.
This time program me should involve a lot of cardio, Jien suggested that i swim with the swim team kids at Klang Club on Friday after i get back from work, not sure if i can commit or not, i know i need a programme set for me to follow, i can't just go for leisure swims, cause leisure swim does not require any effort from us swimmers. A programme with time would help me building up my stamina again.
1 day on swimming and hopefully 2 days of gyming.

Signing off now,

Samantha Tew =D

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