A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Strongbow Apple Cider Launching

I had the honored to attend the Strongbow event yesterday (12th November 2014).

Strongbow was unveiling three new exciting variant to its current range. Read on to find out what it is!! =D

I really enjoyed myself even though I was there to only managed the bloggers. Love my job, doesn't really feel like a job at all when it comes to attending events.

Arrived at 5pm exactly to make sure the Nufnang's bloggers are registered in order to received the press kit. Didn't want them to feel lost or not at ease so I needed to arrive on time. Who knows, two of my bloggers were already there enjoying a cuppa.

Since most of them only turn up at 6pm, that gave me ample of time to capture every moment with my Samsung NX Mini. Here are a few shots I have taken of the surrounding.

Registration (love the concept of crates as tables)

Did I forget to mentioned that, this event was held at 31 Square Sunway Damansara. A beautiful rented studio. Colleagues have actually been talking about renting this place in the future for Nuffnang events if i'm not mistaken.

Salad in a jar, such a cute concept. Place whatever you like in that mini jar, add the sauce; which tasted fantastic, capped the jar and shake it for the sauce to blend.

I was there with a few of my colleagues. Everyone dolled up so well. Look so different being out of the office.

 From left: Mel, Shell, Viviam, Yutson, Jack and me =]

 Short arms, need to stretch a lil. LOL

 Me & Chingy <3

 Yutson, in matching colors! =D

At approximately 6.40pm, we were ushered into the area where they would be introducing the products to us.

A group of graceful ladies were dancing away for the opening act before the drinks were presented.

The presentation were so beautiful, Strongbow was introducing three variant consisting of Gold, Honey and Elderflower. I guess it is quite obvious which bottle is in which crate right?

Drinks was serve right after the performance was over! =]

 Presenting GOLD


Didn't managed to capture Elderflower cause the lightning outside was horrible when the sun set.
But the picture below would illustrate how the bottle looks like.

Each of this bottle of Strongbow is made from real apples. Couldn't stop gulping down the whole glass as it really tasted super good.

My favorite out of the three was the Honey one. The smell of honey is so strong, it doesn't feel like you are consuming liquor at all.

Before the night came to an end, I managed to snatch a few shot with the pretty bloggers for the night.

 Lizz Chloe

Sunshine Kelly. Can you below that she is in her thirties? No right! Her personality is so cute that she doesn't look like a 30+ lady.

OOTD taken by Ching, think she was drunk edy la. Look at the space on the left. HAHAH!

#StongbowMY #GoldenMoment with Strongbow

Signing off,
Samantha Tew =]

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