A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Signature Grand Launch @ The Roof

Good Day y'all!

Yesterday night I was invited as  blogger to be a part of the Grand Launch at Siganture The Roof. I think they were launching a few new menu and needed a few bloggers to write up on what the new menu were all about.

So, lets start.

Left the office with Ophelia at 5.50pm and headed straight to 1 Utama for dinner 1st before the party begins.

My first trip there, I was totally underdress la, felt so embarrassed, so i only stayed for like an hour that also I was sitting down only. This round I'm wayy smarter, wore a body con dress from H&M, Bought it for clubbing purposes. Look at my bulging tummy la, so fucking fat okay! dammit! Have to go back to the gym and do 3x cardio!

The three of us! Love these girls. They spend Monday - Friday with me in the same work area. =]

All the bloggers for the night!! =D

And they served us cocktails too. Not that nice anymore! Mango Peach according to Jude.

Finally! The food! I heard the Oyster tasted Horrendous!

The spaghetti tasted alright tho! But for 8 people to share two plate of this mini piring of spag! So kiam siap man!

So then, the food took so long to arrive and we couldnt wait anymore, so we decided to leave! Wanted to try the peking duck with foie gras but can't keep my eyes open any longer!

Ending this post here.

Signing off,

Samantha Tew ;D


  1. Not fat la babe. Gosh the oyster looks so good tho :/ Thanks for the review, shall know what to order and not :D

    1. wah babe, didn't know that you would actually come visit my blog.. so happy to be remembered. hehehh =D