A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Shear Madness Malaysia - SO DAMN GOOD!

As I have mentioned yesterday, I was totally looking forward to Shear Madness Malaysia! #ShearMadnessMalaysia #ChurpChurp

My anticipation did not end with a disappointment afterall *glad*, it was so so sooooo good!

In my honest opinion, it was so much better than Laugh Malaysia!

These actors/actresses are so spontaneous, they were all so well-prepared to face any sort of switch in the acts! I bet lotsa practice were put to produce such spontaneous switch.

Here are a few pictures of how the set looks like before i speak more. (ps: pictures taken with Iphone 6 Plus)

(Left to Right: Tommy, Chanelle, Datin)

(Antique Dealer: Eddie)

(Inspector Soon doing his interrogation)

(Interacting with the Audience)

(Inspector and Sarjan doing their thing - Mad bodoh Malaysian polices; hahahaha)

(Chanelle explaining why she should not be a prime suspect after the democratic vote)

(Chanelle finally broke down in tear after revealing herself as the killer)

Well, in this particular play, majority of the crowd voted for Chanelle to be the murderer. Each play might have a different murderer, it solely depends on who the crowd think it is.

I voted for Chanelle actually but i thought it would be interesting to see Tommy be voted for la! Sigh! Really tempted to go ahead and purchase myself another ticket just to vote for Tommy! HAHAH.

I personally think Tommy being chosen as the murderer would be funny la, his character in the play is so bubbly and er gayy, pretty sure he would break down and cry a river.

It really is a Malaysia play la, so localized for the crowd, those who knows our culture/politics etc best would definitely be able to follow the jokes.

The crowds were really interactive also, everyone was coo-ing away and also asking tons of question!

All I can say is, you have to be there to experience this whole shizza yourselve, it is definitely worth the money la.

Show: Shear Madness Malaysia
Running Date: 26th Nov - 7th December 2014
Ticket purchaser: http://www.tix.my/ or call 017-2289849 for enquiries

As usual, ending it with a selfie!

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