A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Old Town White Curry

Does this look familiar to you? I hope it is a yes yes yesss~~~

If you have not tasted this, you are definitely missing out on life man!

By far the best instant noodle you can find in Malaysia! #bestshizza

Curry/White Curry is a Malaysia thing. No matter how bad your endurance towards spicy food, you would still consume them. That is for sure!

So in order to keep up with the trend. OldTown White Coffee have collaborated with MyKuali in bringing in their very own version of White Curry Series.

Had the honor to lead a team of Nuffnang bloggers to attend the tasting at One City USJ yesterday!

OldTown team actually informed the blogger that the noodle was made fresh daily by OldTown and the paste/soup base is produced by MyKuali. There are 5 types of noodle used for this series.

Below are a few pictures taken by Karen Kho from my Camera, the pictures look so amazing that I'm actually feeling super hungry all of a sudden.

Hor Fun which surprising tasted good! The combo was great! (RM 8.90)

Bee Hoon tasted ordinary, i think bee hoon goes well with basically anything! (RM 7.90)

My FAVOURITE of all kind: Pan Mee! Maybe it is a chinese thing to love pan mee (RM 9.90)

Odd but its true, macaroni served in MyKuali paste. It was easy to eat though, only required a spoon to scoop and place it in your mouth. If you in a hurry, this is the way to roll. (RM 8.90)

This is a side dish of tau pom and fish ball, it is an add on to your already hearty meal. (RM 3.90)

Lastly, the yellow noodle. I heard that the malay blogger love this. The yellow noodle must have tasted superbly la for them to say this. (RM 7.90)

I will be honest with you on this drink: I hated it! HAHAH! The combo was too weird, too creamy and full. Soy milk with peanut and a scoop of ice cream! NUUUU~

And not to forget the price la! It is of course helpful to place the price here right?

The price is darn reasonable! For a bowl of awesome-ness at RM7.90 - RM9.90, where can you find it? Only at OLDTOWN for a limited time only! LIMITED TIME ONLYYY!** 

Quickly go ahead and try it out! The official release date is 17th November 2014.

Once it is sold out in that store, it will not be replenished already. Get your chopsticks and spoons ready for a big feast at OldTown.

With JessTheKLChic =D

As usual, ending my post with a selfie in Bryan's car! =)

#Nuffnang #OLDTOWNwhitecurry

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