A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Unfortunate Event

The first thing when i landed in KLIA on Sunday was to switch on my phone to only be disappointed with such a devastating news.

A junior of mine/family friend has passed on due to an unforeseen accident. That girl, Elena Chua is such a young, pretty and bright girl but her life was lost at the age of 20.

I was shocked to death when i heard of such news. I have seen her growing up and seen her becoming who she is, she is the only daughter in the family with one elder brother who is my elder sister's primary classmate and a younger brother.

Look at how beautiful she has grown into.. She lost her life on Sunday night, supposed to be cremated on Mondayas the chinese culture states that if your elder are still around, the deceased is not allowed to be kept for more than a day but what i heard from my mum brought me to tears.

As she is the only daughter, her mum could not just "let her leave". Her mother's love towards her is so great that she could not let her leave. I can't help but to sob when i typed out all this. 

In times like this, i wonder what god have in mind. Why take away an innocent soul when there are so many bad people in this world?

Along with her death, i found out that the driver who is also in a critical condition is another junior of mine which i have communicated to very often back when i was still in high school.

She is in a comatose state lying in UM, kidney and liver failure with brain damage. The last i heard her black has turned black and it needs to be amputated. Why should all this happen to people that i know. I pray and pray that god would stand by her side, allow her another chance to life. These girls deserve more chances in life. Why put them and their family in so much misery!

For now, all i can do is pray that Joey would recover, wake up to a new life. God, i pray that you would guide her through this hardship.

We would always keep you in our mind Elena. You are definitely in a better place now! 


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