A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 30 October 2014

"To Know Malaysia Is To Laugh, Malaysia" with Harith Iskander, Dr Jason Leong and Papa CJ

All glory to Nuffnang that I have managed to experienced my first ever stand up comedy, and the show is hosted by no other than our godfather of the comedy scene in Malaysia #HarithIskander. #NuffnangXLaughMY

I left the office at 4.30pm just so Eric could go back, get changed and we could go Sri Petaling first to grab something to eat. The jam into the stadium that night was horrible, i was late for work even though i left office the earliest. haha. Thank god Mijel wasn't there yet! phew~

Of course, finally I met Tian Chad in person. Well, i'm sure i would be meeting him pretty often from now on, with all the events and stuff.

*Audrey so cute!*

Boss Tim and Audrey was given a pair of VIP passes. The tickets are only given to important people. Nuffnang was the official partner for the online social media platform. So, the organizer gave us a pair. =D

It was definitely a night of abs formation and jaws tightening. HAHAH. I couldn't even pause a moment to catch my breath honestly. All of them were honestly so so good.

Dr Jason cracked me up so badly especially with the step on dog poop joke.
This is how it goes:

"I always loved being a comedian because then i could show off, as a Dr, i can't really show off. so this is what happened, when i was still studying, our teacher told that when you see a man limping, it can only be these reason, 1. medical term, 2. medical term and 3. medical term. So when the uncle passed by i asked him, uncle your got *medical term* is it?" *aint a Dr, can't remember those terms*

Uncle: "No la, just now i stepped on dog shit!"


By Harith, his best joke was the master chef "make 3 types of egg" remake of that episode! HAHAH.. his jokes came along with his act, oh gosh! Being a bald and fat man, it makes him every action even more funny! 

It was definitely a night worth remembering. I would love to attend more of these kind of event. It really is a great stress reliever. =P

The crowd, it was recorded that 9,000 people attended the event, making it into the Malaysia book of record for the title of most attendees for a stand up comedy. Harith joked that it is super easy to get passes into the book of record in Malaysia and i believe it is quite true. HAHAH

Signing off as usual with a selfie! =)

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