A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Standing Theory @ SS2

Great company over great coffee session!

So, today, me and my high school friend decided that we should head to a cafe to be hipster a bit la. The current trend is to go through every single cafe in town, they call it cafe hopping. Cafe hopping becomes money hopping out of my pocket man! Eventhough I have spent quite a bit today, I would still love to fill you in with my day.

We left Klang at about 12.30pm and arrived at 1.40pm, got lost on the way. It is situated in a housing area man, so hard to find even with Waze. Okay, maybe, we are just bad at reading direction! *no way we are qualify for The Amazing Race*

Anyway, let me show you some of the pictures we took for the day.

 The menu were printed out in papers and clipped to a cardboard. Love the craving though!

The only kind of caffeine i take is the MOCHA, a combo of chic and coffee, i don't really enjoy bitter stuff la, that is why the choice of drink.

Camera-ception!  Major love for my Samsung #NXMini

THE BEST THING ON THE MENU! sweet yet savory! Waffle with bacon! Tasted heavenly! the waffle melted in my mouth~ Should have ordered one on my own though. Hahah.

After lunch, we head on to Jaya One to see if there were any flea market taking place.

Nothing much to see in Jaya One but we took lotsa pictures!

Oh, did i forget to mention that we took pictures of ourselves, not the surrounding. HAHAH!

Ending it with a group shot of all of us! =)

Signing off,

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