A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Once in a lifetime experience at Dialogue In The Dark

Nuffnang Lovin's presented us with Dialogue In The Dark this round. #NNDialogueInTheDark #DialogueInTheDark

Venue: The School, Jaya One
Date: 17th October 2014 (Friday)
Time: 6pm - 9pm

 (entrance to total darkness)

(braille) - these words in 6 dots, the guide explained to us how braille works. *new knowledge*

It was honestly one of the greatest learning experience that I have come across in life. Being in total darkness and not being able to know where are we headed for or what are we touching is something that I wish I will never have to experience in my whole life. I thank god for every opportunity that I am able to see light. #grateful

So, let me explain to you what Dialogue In The Dark is all about. 

Dialogue in the dark was founded 25 years ago but it was only recently brought in to Malaysia by Mr Steven two years ago. Mr Steven himself suffered from an eye disease and eventually lost his eye sight, he wanted people with normal vision to experience what total darkness is all about therefore Dialogue in the dark was brought in. 

I have never felt more appreciative than i have ever felt after experiencing a journey through total darkness. We started at about 5.45pm with each batch consisting 10 people. Every 7 minutes a new batch of people would be walked in.

Our guide for the day was Syah, she is also visually impair, she was such a sweet lady, helped us out so much. The tour had us walking through the wonder of Malaysia. We first arrived at Kota Kinabalu, the texture of the floor felt different as it was grainy. We have to cross over a rocking bridge in total darkness to only arrive at a waterfall. Next we were teleported to KL city, Jalan Chow Kit pasar malam where we got to touch and smell ingredients. Later on, we had to cross the road to only arrive at Port Dickson. The ground was sandy again and there were a bench filled with floats and whats not. 
Pulled a prank on my colleague by placing the life jacket near his face. Finally, we arrived at the restaurant where we enjoy #DiningInTheDark, thanks to Mango Chilli, we had tasty Thai food for the night, in total darkness again of course. Hahah. We made a complete messed out of our table. Food were scattered everywhere and we couldn't really find everything that we need. 

But all were great! Through this three hours, i pondered a lot on those unfortunately people who were not given the privilege to enjoy our beautiful world.

It saddens me that, people always takes things for granted that includes myself. I sometimes take things too lightly.

During our dining session, the nuffies came up with topic which we could discussed over our meal. We spoke about our lost dreams, what we appreciate most at this moment and a few more topic which i have forgotten. All of us laughed and talked so loudly. I actually realized that when you can't see a thing, your intonation would actually raise. All of us spoke so loudly, as if the world and place were ours. 

I'm quite sure that the visually impaired would want us to embrace them as normal beings, they too, would like to feel as if they belong to the norms. So, we should not think of them otherwise from now onwards.

My friends and I were joking about hosting a birthday party here, there wouldn't be any pictures for the party as ntg can be captured without lights.

I highly suggest you to grab this opportunity, go ahead and experience what is like to be in total darkness for three hours, how it feels like to feel helpless. 

Nuffnangers, Churpers and Alphas (social media influencers)

p.s: Very minimal visuals for this post as we were in the dark most of the time.

 Your pose seems LEGIT, Darren

 left to right: me, Ophelia, Darren, Jack and Laura

Ending my entry with a selfie of course! =P

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