A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ladies Night Relaunch @ Signature The Roof

I was invited by Nuffnang to attend the launching of the ladies night at Signature the Roof last night (8/10/2014) at 9PM. It was a great great night I would say!

Arrived at about 8.45PM, got lost a little and finally found my way to the Sky deck where Signature is located. This is the first view that would greet when you step out of the lift.

The two pretty ladies are bloggers too. JQ and Mary Jane. Such lovely ladies.

The deco looks amazing.

Did I mentioned that the theme for the event was A-hoy Sailor! We were not inform of the theme therefore we did not dress up accordingly.

Anyway, the management were very accommodating and friendly, the ladies were served free flow of cocktails throughout the night.

So yummziees! Couldn't stop sipping on these Tropicana cocktails!

Me and Kai Xin. Everyone dressed up so prettily, i was so under dress. Gah~

Two bottles of wines were given to us too. The wine didn't taste as good as i though t would be! Tasted very mild and watery.. hmmmm

The music was great! The atmosphere was great too! It was not too crowded. I dislike crowded place therefore i choose bar over clubs la! Signature at The Roof is just the right place to hang out for great music and a drink.

From left: Kai Xin, Jessica Yong, Mary Jane, JQ, Coco and Su Quan. *Cheers to a great night!*

They even served us finger food. was browsing through the online menu, food there is a bit pricey la. But i'm willing to dine there for the to atmosphere.

This is the stage where live music was being performed. The choice of music were great! i was totally nodding my head according to the tune.

And here we go, all the vain pictures and selfies taken from the night! I enjoyed myself eventhough i left pretty early! Overly tired to party too hard!

Thank you NUFFNANG and THE ROOF MALAYSIA for such a great night!

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