A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Pro Clubber (1/6/2013)

I was out the whole day yesterday..i went clubbing at night...went to Zouk, Zouk was also my 1st clubbing experience clubbing and also clubbing with Eric...but my 1st clubbing experience was just bad, i didn't knw how to dance or anything...don't really fancy the atmosphere because it was very crowded and it was smoky..

But ytd, i went with Jacinda and Yen with their frens...i was really this time..i kinda know wat to expect...and yes, i went all out for it..it was really a fun filled day...never felt so relieve after so long...i was so tired previously but after dancing and all..i felt so energetic...i drank quite a bit also..felt tipsy and light-headed but it was fun..i know i could still think and all but just the balancing was harder...haha...the guys that was there with us were all really nice, kind and they took care of all of the girls...really nice being around them..haha..

We left Zouk at about 5am, got home, bath and all..slept at about 6 and woke up at 12pm..i wasn't tired eventho it was a long night and all...maybe coz the stress that was built up for weeks is all gone now..haha.. really to do assignments again...i feel like going again soon tho... eventho it's expensive but i did enjoyed a lot.. hahah..

We went to have Jojo pan mee then went for snowflakes and after that went for to subang parade...i suddenly had a change of mind of going home while actually we were supposed to do assignment.. so i went home by train..got home and took a nap...then woke up and was dying to search for news article to compare..cudnt find shit man until now...haiz!

and my bf just pissed me off now.. he stopped blogging edy coz he said i missed one day...he wants me to blog every single day without missing..that is mmg impossible coz i;m so goddamn busy with my life k..i'm not like him, everyday sit in front of the comp and play his stupid game...so lifeless...ask him when he gonna start work he says soon...every time also say soon...till dec also still soon la! wtf!

no love rate!

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