A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hardship (5/6/2013)

What was supposing-ly a good day end in a downfall!!

went out with my bf today and in the evening suppose to have private class at Shah Alam and i forgotten to bring out my swim bag.. i know, of all thing i forgotten, it has to be that...i was fussing over where to get my swim wear the whole evening and thank god the class was cancel as it was raining, so i don't have to spend money to get a new swim suit...

So i texted my mum, told her the private class was cancelled and i would be back late and i would have transport home... she replied me who is your fren..i said fren la..she ask me who is that and that i've lied to her too many times edy... i just straight told her i would be coming back by train...she said if ask fren fetch back, introduce ur fren to me...i nv reply her..

I took the train from Kepong central back to Klang...while i was in the train, i kept thinking and thinking and thinking...i teared up a few times...have thoughts of committing suicide...just too much going on in my life that i don't know what should i do to myself anymore...
It's just sad that at this age, you have to deal with so much misfortune in ur life...

The most cheerful person is indeed the saddest person.. that i would not deny..

I can't take the way she controls me... i'm not doing anything bad...i earn my own money, i don't trouble her.. I study hard to reduce family burden..i don't know what more should i do to get acceptance...

tmr i would be going to uni at around 11plus..have a sound recording to do at 2 to 4pm and after that private class would be on...i would be taking the bus to subang parade and prob Julius would be picking me up..
need to earn extra bucks... next sem fee i prob would have to pay..


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