A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Same old thing (18/5/2013)

Today is Saturday again, it means working day, doing same old thing every weekend is so goddamn boring and knowing that my pay is still RM17.50 per hour makes me even more pek cek working for Supersharkz now..I've been with them for 2 years 3 months now..i'm pretty sure i've contributed a lot in the growth of their company too..

This is how they treasure their employees? seriously damn sickening...
I heard the new employed girl name Evelyn is there to help grow the company, she came up with all the new policies and Marilyn actually listened to what she said..

Julius told me, he feels so fed up oredy even Luqman said so, Luqman has been with SS for 6 years oredy and his current pay is only RM26 per hour...how to work la? work like cows and dogs but get so little..

I have no mood at all to work properly for them oredy... if i have a chance would quit and move to another swim school or do private classes...

Today n tomorrow, priya won't be around, so means i would be taking the Klang Club class, the normal 2 hour class in Pandamaran and a private class under SS at 11-12pm... 4 hours of work tmr in the morning and another 2 in the evening..

Pay me like punani but ask me to work so hard! If the company is growing, how can you actually put all your employees in this kinda position, should you treasure us more? without us, can your company actually grow till such position?
Fucktards la seriously!

Julius told me that Rifhan is suggest to Marilyn about her pay and if she doesn't acknowledge, she would prob be quitting oredy.. whats more to stay, she put in so much effort in helping SS seriously, more than me!

haiz...hate employers like that

Nothing much to say edy!

I didn't talk to boy much today since it's a working day for us and also.. i was watching vampire diaries just now..sad die me le...Season 4 ended edy...haiz! i can't take this! It's one of my fav TV series lo now have to wait for season 5...urgh!

Today LOVE rate = 80% (coz i ask him to bring me to his bro room to see the bro's new hair cut, he said he playing game)

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