A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Overspending (29/5/2013)

Today i overspent but it's basically all on food...

I went out with my uni mates to do my assignment today, it seems that i always don't follow them out so today i decided to go out with them for the sake of being with them la coz anyway at night we had to interview someone...hahah

So Jacinda's mum picked me up at Carrefour's bus sep at about 10am when it was suppose to be 9.30am coz she overslept...hahah

Then we went straight to Dr. Cafe... i bought a hot choc when i reached...we went upstairs to do our work...took the lift to the 2nd floor to do our work...so at about 12pm, Yee en joined us, she called Jacinda and told her 'eh, Dr. Cafe no coffee la', we found it weird..i mean it's a cafe, why wouldn't there be coffee, so she came upstairs and told us they had a black out downstairs, so coffee cant be made, so, she went down again to see if she can get juice and she came up with a free juice on the house...so lucky man..when me and Jacinda went down to get the same juice, we had to pay for it! dammit! HAHAHAH...

At about 3 plus, she left with to meet her ex-bf...so me n Jac continue doing our work..by that time i was just death exhausted, i cudnt do anymore..i was just forcing myself to get work done! sigh! currently at 1600 words...left with another 400 words like that...

When Yen came back, she told us, she and her ex had a major talk...so complicated that my fren's relation..

Jacinda and Alam's relationship is so unstable
Mel 'broke up' with her libyan bf so she went out with this other Libyan guy and made out with him today
Yen have so many guys around her and just wudnt wanna leave her alone coz she always get physical with all the guys she has fling on...gosh..they come back for only that...stupid guys!

in my head, i'm just thinking, my fren..urgh...how to influence them to not be like that...
hahaha...it's okay la..let them have their fair share of fun...but i don't wan those in my life... i got a good bf edy..my bf would be perfect if he earn good money for me to live properly...

At about5pm, we went to SS15 to meet the 'Zombie run' guy...he's such a nice person...He told us a lot about his experience and all..he's a cool guy man..

At about 8.20pm we left the place, Mel sent me to the train station...hahah

Got home at 9.10pm..bath and now doing mask while Facetiming my bf!

gonna sleep soon!


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