A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Outings with my family (1/5/2013)

Today is Labour day...and for once...onceeee~ my family decided to take a trip down to KL by train...of course there would be always someone missing, Stephanie did not follow us down though and the surprise was dad decided to follow! i mean, dad following us is like a big wow! that have never happen before in my whole life...

So we took the train down, we initially wanted to take the 9.55am train but heck the station was pack with people and to actually purchase tickets took us 20 minutes...hahah.. so we missed that train and took the 10.25am train. It was like a whole new adventure for mum and dad to take the LRT...hahah..

i think they dud probably get lost if we were to flee.. the sole reason that we'r traveling downtown was because of Korean food at Ampang, so we stopped at KLCC and took a taxi to the K-Town...

The bill cme up to RM85 and mum paid..HAHAH...it was quite cheap to be able to eat till that full la..hahah...and after that we took taxi back to KLCC, Sab wanted to spend her book voucher in Kinokuniya but after selecting her stuff and queuing to pay, the man told us 80% shud be on books and 20% on stationaries but basically everything in her basket was stat so didn't managed to buy after selecting for 30 mins...HAHAH..

Sab bought juice work, 4 person share one..but super good, we were all thirsty la..LOL

and after that we left for home...It was a fun filled day honestly...never felt better...HHAH

Throughout the whole day i was basically not talking to my boy at all until i enter the KTM back home time only i texted him...hahah

Came home and FT my bf, he said he's gonna nap becoz he had a headache...so i said, if i count till 5 and if u don't close no napping edy so he straight close BUTTTTT he called back and said 'i forget to tell you something, i forget to tell you I Love You'...HAHAHAH...bodoh punya bf....but cute tho...=) <3

I went to gym just now...woah..i did pretty okay i guess....i'm quite satisfy with my performance today...eventho i didn't do much coz my sis went with me so she taught me how to do it and we took turns to do it...her whole body is gonna be sore tmr..while i dud be laughing at her..HAHAH..
Met 2 frens in gym today...like one of them told me i became thinner edy but tanner...HAHAHAH

Yeahh...thats wat i wanna hear from people, me getting thinner...I need to work harder to achieve my goal!


Today LOVE rate - 100%

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