A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 23 May 2013

New Phone (23/5/2013)

Today was another boring and tiring day...i get tired so easily these days...i don't know whats wrong with me and my period is not here yet..LOL...scared anot?

I went to uni and hand in my assignment and after that i actually wanted to go watch The Great Gatsby de but when i was in the bus, my mum called and said my dad's S3 mini got edy in Celcom, so i said okay lo i'll go back..

So reach Klang, went go Aeon and got his phone.i feel so noob also using a Samsung's phone..haha.. After that i bought my mum's cake..

went home, tried t explore dad's phone and after that i nap..i needed that nap..3 hours...i woke up feeling good for a bit but after like 3 hours i was death tired again...i don't know why..maybe i've been sleeping very late lately thats why...now also i;m very sleepy edy actually.. i waited for my bf...just only he came back from his outdoor activities for the day.. Facetiming him while he uploading pics on FB..

Blowed mum's birthday cake just now coz Steph won't be around tmr as she would be heading to Penang tomorrow morning.. the cake was from lavender, not bad but not sweet enuf i would say, Macademia Mousse... RM48 le..so exp!

So basically this is how i spend my day today without my bf in Malaysia.. so tired..

Today LOVE rate = 100%

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