A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 6 May 2013

My boy is Birthday boy (6/5/2013)

Today is 6th May and it's my baby's birthday...i know he sure didn't enjoy his day one cause i didn't get to celebrate his bday on the actual day... what to do, why his bday happens to fall the day after election...ekkk!

i gave him the privilege of scolding me and instructing me all today without me being angry or scolding him... so he got his one day freedom today...but it just felt very ordinary...it's like i do this everyday in my life...no diff also..HAHAH...see, i told you, i'm a nice gf okay!

I went to gym early in the morning at ard 10 we left home for breakfast...biggest mistake..i ate too much before gym, end up only manage 1.3km run and 2.5km cycle...so darn little lo..ekk!.. and actually thought of going again in the evening but cudnt get my assignment done so didn't go...but tmr evening after class i dud be gyring again la..need to be determine to lose those fats...haha

basically today i was at home but didn't talk much with boy coz i slept and also i was downstairs eating and watching a bit of drama..haha.. now only ft-ing him..

Today was quite the boring day, feel quite sad for boy coz today is actually his birthday but didn't got to spend time with him.. =( but i still love him a lot la!

Today LOVE rate = 100%

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