A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 12 May 2013

I wanna be a mum too (12/5/2013)

I can't what to be a mum too one day...i know i will shower my kids with lots of love and give them the best in life...HAHAH

Today is mother's day... we took mum to Lucky 10 at Bukit Raja for a meal, me n say paid while steph just came back from Indo so she's not here with us...
I ate Sirloin steak, Sab ate Lam and mum just ate chicken coz she was afraid that the meat was too tough for her denture..hahah
It was cheap and nice, we took lots of pic la..haha.. refer to instagram..hahah

Today was any ordinary working day, spent 3 hours in the morning in the pool and 2 in the evening, earned rm100 today..haha... Money is so hard to come by that why i need to work hard next time to be rich...yeahhh~

Didn't quite talk to my bf much today..haha.. we each have our life during weekends...haha

In 2 weeks time my bf wud be flying off to Cambodia for his company trip...i'm sure i wud miss him dearly..i don't know if i get to talk to him a not..sad la..haiz..i don't wan my bf to go but it's a hol, i think he deserve a hol... days without me, days on his own to realize how much he loves me...MUAHAHAH...

Tomorrow he n boy going out, we gonna watch movie and maybe eat Shogun if possible... if need reservation then we can eat coz she actually just bought the voucher...haha..

I love my boy's blog..he;s super funny in his blog..wonder why he can't be that funny in real life also..if he also that funny in real life then life would be so so great..i laugh every single day..HAHAH..

signing off for now..


I love my BF =)

Today LOVE rate - 100%

p.s.: no need break up coz Shogun voucher had been bought! HAHAH

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