A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Friday, 17 May 2013

I passed (17/5/2013)

Today after class, my boy drove me to my exam venue, we didn't know where was it so, we went straight away after he picked me up...ended up we were there 3 hours early...didnt know what to do, and we were starving so we ended up walking around, wanted to see what they had in Sogo as it was only walking distance, so we went there to take a look, basically it's all shopping stuff and branded but at a slightly cheaper price...but still exp for me la..i wudn't wanna buy them from there..haah

Nothing to eat in Sogo so we walked back to Maju Junction mall and had KFC, i don't know why i insisted on KFC...sudden craving for juicy chicken i guess and they didn't had the original flavor so i took the Korean crunch...my boy said he was hungry and asked me to order dinner plate, same like his.. so if i can't finish, i can't give it to him...but wth..his own food also he can't finish lo..i should have just ordered snack plate..save money and trouble..so full having to finish up all 3 chicken on my own and it was spicy...LOL
Stomach so bloated after KFC...then we walked to a opposite furniture shop to look for chairs..haha..didnt found any...and i managed to see the ending of MAMA! scary movie man...dont like..LOL
then we were looking at tiles that we would want to have in our dream house next time..hahah

After that, we went back there again, i was already fucking nervous and my boy kept annoying me so i told him to keep quiet...hahah...i'm damn scared that i can't pass lo...
I went n revise n all...

Thankfully with god's help, i managed to pass...woohoo... so 1st paper passed, almost there to be an insurance agent...heheh =)
Next paper, the investment link paper =) i hope i pass in one go also...hehe

I wanna specially thank my boy boy again today for fetching and driving me around, he's the no 1 bf in this whole wide world...i one him to the maximum!!! i will die for him!!

After i reached home, i lied down on my bed for an hour before i ate a lil of dinner then i head out for Muay Thai, it was a trial class... hahah...i like it, it was fun butttt i don't think i should spend such money...just go gym on my own will do i believe...

Today LOVE rate = 100%

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