A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I noticed (7/5/2013)

I noticed that everyday my bf sure say smtg bad about me in his blog one..he always ask someone to save him or help him becoz i will scold him or kill him or break up with him...everyday also got bad things i do to him one...HAHAH...he's bodoh de lo...i not so bad lo until he say me like that..ishk!

Today didn't really talk about to bi coz i was in Uni the whole day..so freaking tired i tell u...Tues is the worst day of all..I spend 9 hours in uni on Tues.. every time when it comes to the last Tutorial of the day, i'm already half death or half asleep...i can't take it man seriously!

Went to pyramid coz the girls forced me...i didn't wanna go coz i don't wanna spend so much money on lunch but no choice but to follow them...i had KFC while they had Sakae sushi coz i didn't really wanna eat sushi...sure not full and expensive...hahah

After that we head back to Uni for the remaining two classes...haha..
today Jared fetch me home...i don't think i shud follow him anymore tho...i feel pai seh...haha..

Went to club and started gyming...eventho i was very very tired n very very hungry, i still went n work out...to achieve my dream body...hahah.. i spent like 1 hr 20 mins like that in gym today... i will def do squad whenever i go gym coz i wan my ass to look nice...hahaha

came home n had dinner and now Ft-ing my bf while doing my assignment eventho tmr i;m going to uni to get these done..i wanna be ahead of my girls...so i can relax..coz i know if they are around...i won't get things done de..haha

Today LOVE rate - 70% (coz my bf said i didn't give him my virginity)

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