A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I miss you (21/5/2013)

Today my bf went Cambodia oredy for his company trip.. that time he was just telling me about the plans and now he's there already and in 5 days time, he would be back in Malaysia again...I miss him so much...i nv talk to him the whole day today until just now at night...

I was in uni the whole day, did my work in the morning coz all the 3 girls decided to ditch me in uni alone and Jacinda had a massive fight with Alam the other night so she didn't pick up our calls or anything until afternoon...she came to uni at around 3plus... she n Alam just celebrated their 3rd anniversary but i always heard Jacinda say she n Alam always fight about the most trivial matter, how to last forever wor...then i think about my relationship, how come i nv face this kinda prob one..then i think, way, my bf is really a super good bf lo..give in to me all the time one...he nv complain or latch his anger at me also.. awesome bf is awesome! =P

I didn't attend the last class coz i had to redo some journals which sir explained wrongly during his tutorials, i was kinda pissed but then he posted an apology on Facebook, so it's alright now...unlike stupid fucktard Rama...thinks he knows it all..
sir Justin is a way nicer lecturer!

I went to gym after class eventho i was tired, i'm not gonna give up my dream to get my dream body...haha..working on it yo...Jac n Mel started also ytd, they went and jog behind Mel's place and after that did some abs workout in me l's house...hahaha...Mel said her body hurts like shit today...HAHAH...but she i started, i also like that, so she just have to be consistent then everything should be good...
They thinking of going Zouk on July 1...i most prob wud be joining them..wonder if my bf would let me go anot...hahahahaha..
I wanna go tho...

Goodnightttt =P

I love my bf! n I miss him!!

Today LOVE rate = 100%

p/s: today is our 22nd monthsary!

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