A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 13 May 2013

FOOD DAY IS HAPPY DAY! (13/5/2013)

When it comes to food date, Sam is the happiest person on life...actually every time we go out is call food date coz i get to eat and Eric pays..muahaha...i love my bf for that coz he feeds me well..

So today after classes, bi picked me from Uni and we headed to 1Utama for lunch and movie..
As for lunch i decided to go for Sushi Zanmai, coz it's been almost 2 to 3 months since i had that and i miss it a lot... i always dare not ask him to bring me coz i know eat Japanese food super exp, but since he just got his salary, i'm pretty sure he got some money to spare me for good food right..HAHAHA

So happy with my lunch honestly and after that we went for 'Identity thief'...not bad of a show...HAHAH... but it was more like a dl and watch at home movie more than a cinema movie..HAHAH..

and after that we went to Curve to Jalan Jalan, we jalan from one corner to the next corner, mmg super love jalaning one we'll...haha then i bought dad's cake before we left the mall to pick up bi's mum...

Went home and nap for a bit and dinner... and return home edy..
Today is also dad's birthday, i bought him the blueberry cake...by fat the most generous one in the family among the 3 sisters...not to praise myself but it's the truth...Sab is the most useless, greedy and selfish one honestly...i don't even know if she listens to herself when she speaks...

Waited till 10pm till we blew dad's birthday cake...was just a very traditional celebration, cake and pics and done..LOL.. but it mess something to dad i'm sure...hahah

i'm such a filial child la! i lied and all but i know who is what is important to me!


Today LOVE rate = 100%

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