A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Creative and cute (11/5/2013)

I blogged after my bf blog today...as usual ntg much happened today coz it's a saturday..both of us work on weekends..

So, as i mentioned in the title, my bf is super creative when it comes to blogging sometimes...so funny la his blog sometimes, he put a pic of the sun because of the weather today...made me laugh nia..hahah..

So i was also scolding my bf that why he haven gotten his CIMB click done yet, i told him countless time edy yet he still haven got it done...so in order to make him do that, i forced him to get the Shogun voucher for me...i really wanna have Shogun, its been like at least 4 years since i last have Shogun...miss it.. 
he need to control himself also after doing his CIMB click...i can control why can't you...just dont look at it la if u don't wanna spend money...hahah

Indeed today's weather is a killer, my face i all sunburned again..so annoyed la..everyweek also i get sunburn and i'll look like a lobster man..haiz..how i wish i got money then i no need to work so hard... 

I was watching the vampire diaries ep 22 of season 4 just now...fucking good man..made me cried jz now.. i wan Jeremy and Alaric back la but now Bonnie is dead becoz she tried to make Jeremy come back to life.. damn kan chiong next time!!!

Done blogging for today!

Today LOVE rate - 100%

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