A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 20 May 2013

Boring, yet another day (20/5/2013)

Today i went to class super early coz i needed to use the comp in campus to get some MSS journals done..
AFter i was done, i went to class which was just opposite the classroom i recorded my journals.. It was still dark and i was scared, so i left my lefthand at the door and kick open the door and quickly look inside to switch on the lights...little did i know, the stupid door swing back and there goes my hand..dammit...hurt like a mathafucka!! hahaha

After AIIA class, it was fucktard Ramachandran's class, i wonder are all Ramachandran in this world assholes, Vikram happens to be one and this fucktard old lecturer is another one..purely assholes seriously..

So people were showing draft to him and then after that, there wasn't anymore things, we saw one of our classmates left, so me, Jac n Mel left to, we just walked like a few steps and the door opened and the asshole came out and demanded who gave you permission to leave in the middle of the class and he was saying he had some more important things to say and stuff like that, Jac was pissed, so she said we would get inside, so we went inside to  sit down again and guess what was the stupid important things he mentioned? COVERPAGE! wtf man! he's such an idiot! 

fine! watever mood ruiner, so after that, i met my boy coz he's leaving for cambodia tomorrow edy, i'm so sad, he won't be around for like 6 days la.. there won't be anyone for me to talk to and play with and bully...haiz..i don't like it when we'r apart..so sad =(

We wanted to eat Kolok met after he fetched me but the shop was closed, so we ended up eating at the opposite kopitiam lo..hahah.. then we went to curve to jalan jalan..did nothing much, we watch powerpuff girls at Ikea and so happen to met Ah Beng and his wife...haha...after that we walked to Juice work and had Pink Passion again..so tasty, i love JuiceWork more than Boost Juice..haha

we waited for Jacky to come so then we can go change the currency...but then met their boss at Maybank and their boss said the rate at 1Utama is only 3.05 so then bi gave his money to Jacky and we left for home, i crashed on the bed the moment i touch down..HAHAH.. sounds like a baseball game here...LOL

slept for 2 hours like that...was really very tired lo...hahah

when i woke up, dinner was almost ready edy...

After dinner, i drove home...haha..
When i reached home, i don't feel like leaving my bf knowing that he won't be in Malaysia tomorrow till Sunday..so hard!
i sobbed a little...i hope my bf go and enjoy tho and come back peacefully...i can't wait to see him again next week!


Today LOVE rate = 100%

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