A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Friday, 10 May 2013

Bad person! (10/5/2013)

Today was a day without much talking, i was in uni the whole day...just doing my work and all...the only time i talk to him was to tell him to buy the Shogun voucher for me or not i'll break up with him...i edy told him many times to get his fucking cimb click thingy done for so long edy yet he never got it done... damn piss one lo...

Today got small presentation on our concept..we presented our idea on our walking dead radio documentary...got lots of improvisation to be done according to sir.. tho he likes the idea la!

After presentation, i went to club and gym, i did quite a lot today...said tired yet i still push myself to the maximum...
The thing about gym is i never know when to stop, i always feel my body can still handle and i shud continue doing but time so limited, mum wants to go home edy and i know my bf waiting for me at home also..

Today workout involves
3.2KM treadmill in 22 mins.
7.1KM cycle in 20 mins
60 squads + 20 lunges with 3 1/2 KG on each sides barbells 
75 Leg press at 18KG 
100 sit up
20 push up

took like 1 hour and 40 mins.. super slow i know..
Dream body in the process

now Ft-ing my useless weak bf lo...he told me he did 10 push up and wanna die edy..wtf lo! such a weakling man...i'm def stronger than him...

don't know if he really did or what one...i think he lying de lo plz!

ending here edy..
Just can't believe how weak my bf is man..

Today LOVE rate = 90% (coz he so weak)

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