A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Baby's pre birthday celebration (5/5/2013)

Today was really a fun filled day i would say..

I woke up feeling super tired this morning, but i know i had to wake or not i can't celebrate my boy's bday...
Last night my boy was super bitchy to me but this morning, he came down to fetch me from Klang station, i know he cared for my safety because today happens to be election day... He allowed me to drive back to Sg Buloh..i think i'm getting so much better at driving these days... plus the road was empty, i enjoy driving when there is so little car, people were all busy voting at their respective booth, that explains the minimal car...hahah

We got home after getting Subway and Dunkin Donut...i wanted to nap initially before i leave for lunch but my gila bf was playing game...his mouse and keyboard so super noisy man...and the light was on...i cudnt even sleep at all eventho i was super tired..hahah but it's okay i forgive him cause it's his almost special day..

To ask my bf go bath is like asking hint o commit suicide...he drags and drags and drags... so i had to use the comb and whack kau him...i really whack him le...i think it must have hurt quite badly...hahah...i feel quite bad coz i actually very sayang him one..hahaaha

After everyone was done, we left home for TJ Haus at SS18 Subang Jaya...the food there was just fantastic... it's relatively cheap too...i paid rm150 for meal for 4 people and all of us kinda had Lamb, Beef n Duck...portion was pretty big, a satisfying meal...
After that, we kinda stopped by RT pastry to get bi's cake... bought him Sesame Charcoal Cake..it's one of my fav from RT so i wanted to intro it to them..

After getting the cake, we went to Curve...Bi got his new watch today...A/X le...and it cost rm440...so exp man...i won't actually spend so much on a watch at this age..hahah.. he got the watch as a birthday present from his mum, he should totally appreciate his mum lo...hahah.. don't always ask money from her again, earn more money and buy her stuff in return.. ahahha

I wanted to go to Borders to spend my remaining book voucher, on the way there, i saw MPH book fair...and i was thinking since i'm left with rm100 only..i can't get another starbucks voucher...so might as well just get from MPH which offer 30% off on fictions! so i bought 4 books that cost me rm102.. hahah

After that, we went home, went home to blow his birthday cake that was left in the car for so long..hahah..cake kinda got soften...hahaha..

After awhile i had to return home edy...cause mum insist i return before 7pm for safety purposes...so i got home by 6pm.. 
after bathing, i anxiously served the net and waited for results for the election.. i'm currently still waiting for the final announcement...i really hope Pakatan wins...i mean we should give them a chance to prove their capabilities... in Pakatan han we put our trust..

Tomorrow is bi's bday but i can't meet him cause after election, we might not know if there would be a riot or not, so we shouldn't go out for safety sake...but i dud totally make it up to him someday soon..

Tomorrow, i give my boy privilege to scold me and i won't scold him the whole day...only tomorrow ar...no more after that till next year 6/5/2014... HAHAHAHAH!!!

Today LOVE rate = 100%

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