A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

An okay day (22/5/2013)

surprisingly today wasn't that lonely, maybe coz my day was packed..

I went facial in the morning and spend like RM75 coz i bought the sunscreen and also 2 boxes of mask...haha

When i got home after lunch, it was already 2.10pm...i bath and changed into my swim suit and left home at about 3.30pm..took the train down to Subang for a private class with julius, it was actually Rifhan's class but she had exam today so i replaced her..
Earned back what i spent in the morning...hahah..

I wanna do private classes but it's so hard for me coz i don't have personally transport...
working for Supersharkz is just shit.. ekkks!

After work, Julius drove me back to Shah Alam pool and i followed Ah Being back..wtf..Beng's driving damn scary wey..he was late for work edy in Klg Club coz his wife class ended late...so he sped..within 10 mins he was in Klg Club edy...HAHAHAH

Today i didn't talk much to my boy until now also we haven ft, coz he's not back yet..LOL

I miss him a lot.. waiting for him to come on9 now..
i'm going uni tomorrow le to hand in my assignment..so tired now..

Today LOVE rate = 100%

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